Five Nights at Freddy's - Tips & Tricks (First game)

Struggling on a night? Want to know some neat tricks? Well, guess what? Let me save you the trouble of searching the wikia!

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Chapter 1.


If you clicked on this story, then you are one of the following:

1) You're struggling on one of the nights, but can't be bothered to spend all your time searching on the wikia.

2) You've hunted the wikia, but can't find ANY tips about the night you're struggling on.

3) You clicked this story, wondering "Tricks? What tricks?"

4) You clicked this story, wondering "Whoa, tricks! Where are they at?"

Now let me tell you this right now, the following people need to GET THE HELL OUT THIS STORY NOW!:

1) Five Nights at Freddy's haters

2) General haters

3) Spammers who just post stuff NOT relevant to the topic

If this applies to you (you know who you are!) then leave. Just leave. Ain't nobody got time for your crap.


Well, with that settled, we better get on to the tips first!

I'm gonna start with the first five nights of the game.

A warning though, there are MASSIVE spoiler alerts in this story! Unless you're okay with spoilers, don't read the nights you haven't played yet (unless you keep failing at that night, so you already know what happens in it) cuz you may find that surprises WILL be ruined.
You have been warned, dear readers.

And remember this, my friends:

You should have looked for another job.
You should have said to this place "good-bye".

But obviously you didn't so this is what you're stuck with instead:
A 6 hour shift for 5 nights, 12AM to 6AM, while animatronics try to kill you.
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Comments (5)

I needed this...even if it's just night one...yup. I'm that bad at the game.
I honestly forgot about this XD
on July 14, 2017
on July 14, 2017
on July 14, 2017
Add night 2, 3, 4 & 5!
on June 22, 2016
This really helped me. I'm so bad at the game that I die on night 1. LOL.
on June 01, 2015