Who will save the clans?

Who will save the clans?

Four cats, from from each clan (warriors) are chosen, only one will save the clans. The others? They will die or join the enemy and it's promos for power.

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Padding in the shadows, a dark furred cat approached a large group with the same stink.
"Hello, Tunelfoot, I see that many have joined us since the battle." the dark furred cat mewled. "The clans were all but destroyed, Oakwhisker. Only a few cats remain but they have returned to their clans, watching their back. it will be awhile until their guards have lowered." Came the reply.
Purring, Oakwhisker yowled to the rest of the gathered cats, "You have died in the battle, but you are not forgotten, they betrayed you! They banished you! They fought you! Your kits! Your mates! Your fathers! Your mothers! Your brothers! Your sisters! But now is not the time to have revenge, we will train, we will not be beaten again! The training will be brutal, those who do not survive will be shamed forever. But those who do," She lingered on it, "Will be honoured, forever! Those who are the best, will, become the leaders! The leaders of the cat next to you! They will have their own clan, their own code! Their own territory."

Agreeing yowls rose from the massive crowd.
Oakwhisker and Tunelfoot retreated, purring, back into shadows.
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