Lana The axolotl

Lana The axolotl

Lana is an axolotl. her owner is called Bink. Bink is a naughty boy. Lana thinks she had enough of this torture, so she escapes.

published on March 26, 202219 reads 7 readers 0 not completed
Chapter 1.

Lana's story

Lana is an axolotl. She was rescued from the river Carlie when a catfish tried to eat her. Right now, Lana is in her little aquarium pacing. Here's one thing you should know about Lana: whenever Lana paces it means she is thinking hard. Lana is pacing because her owner, Bink is coming to feed her ten minutes later. Bink always gives Lana a "DIET" DIET means: dead ideas end* tea. *Bink is only four. he meant and. Lana heard (from Eve dropping on Bink) that the DIET he was planning on feeding her today was a pile of ants and mushed snails. Lana knew Bink liked watching her cough up the DIET he gave her, and Lana couldn't not eat them otherwise Bink would torture her in some odd way, so Lana had to run.
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