Captured (1)

Captured (1)

Matilda James is an ordinary eleven year old girl. But one day she wakes up in a cell. She's been captured by someone. Her stuff has been stolen and she's locked up. Will she escape? If so, how? Other books in this series are coming soon! There is: Trapped, Locked, Concealed, All For One And One For All, and Final War.

published on April 13, 201546 reads 10 readers 1 not completed
Chapter 1.


I open my eyes. My head aches badly. I rub my arms. My mouth is dry. I am in a white cell. Next to me, there is an apple and a small cup filled with water. I gulp it down and savor the apple.
I've been stripped of my supplies. I did have a coil of rope, a knife, and some trail mix, but now I only have leggings and a t-shirt on. Rubbing my head, I stand up on wobbly legs.
The cell is decently sized. The bars are too close together for me to squeeze out. There's a wooden shelf nailed to the wall on one side. A small window is on the ceiling. In one corner, there is a metal bed frame and a stiff white mattress. A clock is ticking in the hallway.
I pull at the shelf, trying to get it off. I manage to rip one side of it off, and I shove that under my bed. Footsteps echo in the hall, so I lie on my bed. The footsteps continue right past my cell. I breathe a sigh of relief and climb off of my bed. I press my face to the bars, trying to catch a glimpse of something in the halls.
Something catches my eye. My stuff! It's sitting on a shelf, a few feet down the hall from my cell. I get the piece of wood that I'd ripped off and stick it out through the bars. I'm so close - just one foot away. I lean against the bars, my arm muscles straining to reach farther. I just manage to nudge my knife off the shelf and it clatters to the floor.
Holding my breath, I extend the board and carefully push the knife closer and closer to me. Finally, I can reach it through the bars. I pull it safely back into my arms, and then I put it under my mattress.
Suddenly, I have an idea. I pull out my knife and use it to get the rest of the shelf off of my wall. I pull out the nails and use them to nail the boards together, making a stick twice the length of the original shelf. I rip off a strip of my leggings and use it to tie my knife to the end. Then, I reach up as far as I can and jump. The knife hits the ceiling a few inches away from the window.
I keep trying. Finally, my knife cracks the window. I jump again, and the knife shatters half of the glass. Quickly, I sweep the shards under my bed and hide my stick. Luckily, no one comes. With a sigh of relief, I use my stick to break the last of the window. Now I just need to get up there.
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Comments (1)

You have to make the sequal trapped!! I need the next book!!
on April 16, 2015