A NEW LIFE (undertale love story)

A NEW LIFE (undertale love story)

this is more like a frisk x sans kind of story. there are more ships up ahead but the main ship here is sans x frisk. if you love that ship or something then read it. i will do a comic strip about that but i will do it in the future! AND i will be posting it on my deviant art or my youtube account. and the thumbnail is made by me in ms paint.

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Chapter 1.


when monsters are saved already, they begin a new life
PAPYRUS: frisk you will be the new ambassador of the monsters! so that no human should be afraid of us!
FRISK: uhm...sure papyrus?
PAPYRUS: i could finally make my dream come true!buying an awesome car! with my hair flowing through the wind and my, my sk-
SANS: come on bro..... you don't have any hair and skin on body
PAPYRUS: oh ya! that was just a dream but, i could drive a car!...i should buy one right now!
SANS uh hey frisk i have something to tell ya kid.
FRISK: then sans, what is it?
SANS: i-
while sans was about to speak, papyrus grabbed the hand of sans.
PAPYRUS: come on sans lets buy me a new and awesome red car like my bed
when they were about to leave, sans gave frisk a pat on the head while he was scooting away with his brother, papyrus.

when they were already out walking to the car shop a lot of people were really shivering in suspicion looking at them like freaks. they ignored but they can't seem to handle the shivering people with the looks on their eyes. sans tried to ignore them but he never felt the feeling of sadness and nervousness in his heart. meanwhile with the others......
UNDYNE: frisk! i cant thank ya enough that you,you
while undyne was speaking, she started to cry of happiness. when she did frisk gave her a hug and undyne gave her a hug as well. frisk started to cry and when she did, toriel gave the both of them a hug...more like a group hug
TORIEL:oh child, you were the angel that was said by the prophecy! even if i only noticed now *sniff* you still are my child!
FRISK: uh mom?
TORIEL: yes my dear?
FRISK:  i don't have anywhere else to go. can i stay with you?
toriel gave i tight hug and kissed frisk on the forehead and said...
TORIEL: of course you can
the three of them (undyne, frisk and toriel) hugged together in happiness while asgore and alphy, was talking about anime
ALPHY: s-so anime is a cartoon like show but, it has more detail than cartoon. i-it's like it is in between r-real life and c-cartoon!
ASGORE: oh really! lets watch it together then, so you can guide me through this "anime" you speak of.
while they were talking alphy begins to blush but, it was ruined when agore asks toriel if he could be with her once more.
she keeps on declining but asgore keeps on asking. it went on for a lot of min. until frisks try to convince her and then she said....
TORIEL: fine then, and everyone can live with us! like family
asgore though that they would be a family of three including toriel, asgore and frisk, but sadly he didn't think that through.
toriel saw asgore's face turned upside down, and that face meant he didn't like that idea that toriel just said.
TORIEL: well that expression on our face means no, well its your choice it's either all or NOTHING.
agore wanted to be back with tori for so long that, he would do anything at this point. so what he did was he said....
ASGORE: as you wish then, yes i will.
when he said yes, everyone (tori, frisk,undyne,asgore and alphy) rejoiced when they heard that they will be together like a family.
after a while they bought a house that was quite big. big enough to fit everyone including papyrus and sans with a race car.
well you know a race car is PRETTY expensive right? then you know how did they manage to buy such a rich and beautiful car?

                                                                                                                                                                   TO BE CONTINUED....
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*kills self over frans*
on March 29, 2017
This is perfect. Thanks for writing a story like this. 😄
on March 28, 2017