a tree who ran over people on a rock

There is a tree who runs people over with a rock and enjoyed it and didn't care

published on March 31, 201411 reads 5 readers 3 completed
Chapter 1.


A boy name Steve was at school when he saw his best rewind tree out side eating an apple star his other best freind didn't know that he was best friends with a tree anyway she asks if that tree is eating a apple Steve said no your just imagining things and asked if she was OK  star just looked away Steven Mr.chocksondick said what is the answer to problem 23 3.14x34 um 897 no that incorrect its 106.76 Steven pay attention dam it or your ass is going to be heldback the class was trying not to laugh their  ass off the bell ranged it was time to go the students and staff all went home Steve stars to star at the playground were he met tree took him home after he stared at the took him home in his rock drove to the apartment  where Steve lived with his mom dad oder sister sora and little brother randy
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Comments (3)

Would be better with punctuation?
on April 11
on April 04, 2014
this is the funniest story i have ever read
on April 02, 2014