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Why are boxing rings square?
I was reading stupid questions or something like that on watt pad,and one of the questions they asked was this one.
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Does anyone know about the card game Magic: the gathering?
I was curious of how many people know about the card game. I played it a few times a year or two ago in my high school.
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What was your favorite food when you were a kid?
I think when I was a kid macaroni and cheese,hot dogs, pizza and spaghetti might of been my favorite.
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You are trapped in the last TV show you watched. Where are you, and will you survive?
You’re trapped in the last TV show you watched. Where are you, and will you survive? I think the last TV show I watched was SpongeBob SquarePants so I might not live very long because I won't be able to breathe underwater.
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What conspiracy theories do you guy like or know?
I was curious about what conspiracy theories you guy are into. That's basically it.
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Who's ready for Halloween, and any plans?
I was just wondering, probably going hand out candy with my sister's that it if there's any left over eat it
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Do you guys think Kahoot's music is a bop?
I enjoy Kahoot's music. I'm wondering if guys enjoy it to
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Who remembers Mr.meaty?
I don't remember much about this show but all I remember is they're puppets that work at a mall I think, they were on Nickelodeon and in one episode one of the guys had a tapeworm inside of him.
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When does school start for you guys?
I want to know when everybody goes back to school if you still go. I go back on the 13th of August.
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What type of cookies does everyone like?
I like chocolate chip and samoas cookies
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Did anyone ever watch happy tree house friends when they were younger?
I watched it when I was younger and I liked, but now it's an oof to me now
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What is your favorite day of the week?
What Is your favorite day of the week? I like Friday,Saturday,and Sunday
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Do you guys know another language?
Do you know another language. I took 2 years of French
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What's your favorite meme
Just curious about your favorite meme or memes. My favorite memes are savage patrick, the boi memes and the kermit memes
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When did you join Qfeast?
I joined qfeast on March 31 2014 I think I was 13 or 14 back then
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Does Candy corn fudge sound good?
It looks good but I never had it before
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Do you still watch cartoons? (1)
I still watch cartoons I don't care what anyone thinks but I am just curious if you guys still watch them.
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When do you guys go back to school?
I just wanted to know because I'm going back to school on Monday I'm going to be a Sophomore in high school
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What is the weather were you guys live?
I'm just curious because where i live its just been raining over 2weeks I think . I'm here like that's okay I don't need to go outside anyway it even rained when I got out of high school for the summer
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Has anyone started summer break yet?
I was just wondering if anybody had started summer break yet. My break started last week
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