Winged Dream

Winged Dream

Sorrow can be overwhelming,but you can pull through,if you remember what it is to live

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Chapter 1.


Running, running, through the void of endless white. Not so much as one shadow in sight. They're coming after me, biting at my heels. Tears stream off my face breaking in midair, leaving a trail of shining sorrow.


"M-MOM" I grabbed her and cried into her.I took a second to look up at her loving face,to see her warm smile that could melt the heart of even the coldest beast.But I was greatly disappointed.Her twisted face was stained with red,as was, her hand,she had plunged through my back.I could feel the absence of my heart,the lack of blood pumping through my veins  

Huff huff huff huff. Freyer sat up in his bed, gasping for air, beads of sweat rolled of his face. Fumbling, he managed to grab his glasses. Which, incredibly he managed to do without breaking them  

"A dream,it was just a dream."He said,trying to clam down.Slowly he reached over to his night stand and gently grabbed an old gold pocket watch. "Mom..." Freyer said holding the pocket watch to his heart.    

It was morning,the bell had rung,and everyone was in their seats,or they were supposed to be anyway.The room was filled with noise.Almost all of the students were talking,about some stupidity no doubt.But not Freyer.He was siting,silently,the only noise was the quick floush of yellowed pages.Finally,the teacher showed up.Everyone sat down,but the talking did not cease. "Class!"Mr.Retniw half yelled,his energy was drained,only his unreasonably large cup of coffee,gave him energy to stand.Freyer didn't even look up from his book,Mr.Retniw would fall asleep within the next half hour anyway. Mr.Retniw's biorhythm kicked always,at exactly 8:40 am.His head smashed into his desk,and luckily,not into his coffee.

'Oh,how loudly the fools do laugh.' His annoyed comment brushed the air with pessimism.'

Following the absurd giggling was paper balls.They struck him in the back of his neck,and every time the other kids had gotten bored of wading paper into a ball and throwing it to piss off some kid (who TRYING to read),pifft! There it is.the paper ball to the neck. It was then,after the paper ball,that the dreams most haunting part crept into his consciousness.Like a spider creeps into a house.


                      It was almost as if Freyer wasn't even there. 'Her twisted face was stained with red' Every time he closed his eyes,if he so much as blinked,her gruesome expression was all he saw.He started to upchuck.And logically, Freyer ran out of the room and into the bathroom.After he was certain he had finished hurling,Freyer went to the nurses office.Obviously he was sent home.

                         Freyer walked in wearily.All he could think of was that horrid dream.he was almost afraid to sleep.But his bed called to him like a siren.Not even bothering to change,he plopped on his bed,and thought himself to sleep.

                  For a moment he was plunged into darkness.No matter where he turned there was nothing but black.And then he saw it. The feather drifted downward.It's delicate blue color gave it an enchanting feel.He Sprinted  growing ever closer to the blue. He had arrived in time to catch the feather.It fell,it seemed, right into his hands.Before Freyer had time to think he got a hazy feeling.After that there was wind. The gentle wind fluttered around him. Light shinned down on his pale face, long grass caressing it.

                 His powder blue eyes opened slowly. It was... "Beautiful." Freyer said standing up. Since a year ago when his mom died,Freyer had lost his light and It seemed it would stay that way. Nothing seemed to cheer him up.He went through every day with even less happiness than before.   Freyer had wandered around some, not to far, before he felt it.The cold sharp feeling of swords to your throat

"Who are you?" A voice colder than the swords whispered in his ear.  


"And just what are you doing here 'Freyer'?"  


"What are you doing here?" The cold voice asked again, despite the loud one's continuing rant in the background.  

"I lost my way, I'm just trying to get home."  

"If your trying to find your way, then I suggest you find it" Freyer was roughly turned around by a pale long haired boy cold, deep, purple eyes. He pointed the sword and said "quickly."  

"Good Idea , but I don't know where I am or how I got here so I can't."

  "The village is that way." The boy pointed his sword yet again, this time to the forward left.  

"Village?" Freyer asked, shocked to hear of civilization anywhere near where he was.  

"Áleifr. The only village within 16 dreads of here."  

"Áleifr?Dreads? Where the hell am I?"  

"Big brother, why no just be rid of him?! All he says are lies!"  

'B-be rid of me?! Shit! What have I gotten myself into!?'  

The loud one-younger then the other, shortish black hair and mysterious purple eyes- was promptly slapped upside the head. Apparently, that meant defeat as he hung his head in shame and shut up.  

"It would appear that you are little more than a hopelessly lost fool. You would not last an ent in the village, not with-I presume- no money. A  fool is no harm to us, you shall stay, and you shall work. And once you can, you will leave."  

"T-thanks." 'I think.' He responded in amazement.  

"Brot-"the loud on stopped. With one heartless glare from his brother.   Freyer silently followed the two when he realized he didn't know their names. He ran up to the older one of the two and asked

"Excuse me, what are your names?"  

The reply came almost instantly.  "I am Waldek." He hadn't even turned to face Freyer.  

"And I" the younger one popped in "Am Finn, valiant descendent of the noble Dragons! " Finn's sparkles were soon burned by yet another slap to the head courtesy of Waldek.   Not long after, they came upon an average sized, two story house. It was made of beautiful dark wood planks and their huge door had a slot in it near the top. Waldek reached in his bag and produced a small old key. After they had all entered, the very first thing he did was re-lock the door.  

"Finn, peel the potatoes while I show Freyer around the house."

Finn made a face but walked into the kitchen and started. Freyer look ed around in awe at all the gorgeous portraits, all of dragons, as Waldek led him to the stairs and into the first door on the right of a small hall way.

"This will be your quarters. You'll have to share with Finn, but he's not as bad as he seems, although I would recommend not touching his things. At least until he lightens up."  

Waldek walked over to a chest in between two beds. He produced a comfy looking under shirt, pants and a beautiful black jacket with gold trim.  

"Here, you can use my old clothes, you would attract to much attention walking around in that... odd outfit."

Freyer could only stare in disbelief that the the tall,slender,well muscled teen in front of him was ever small enough to be about the same size as he.But he must have been,the clothes were an almost perfect fit.
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on January 25, 2016
I love it! Can't wait for the next chapters!
on February 15, 2015
Amazing! Awesome! I love this story! :3
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MAKE MORE OR SO HELP ME I'LL DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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amazing, really amazing.
on December 21, 2012
I really appreciate the great feedback I'm getting,please keep reading!I'm always very happy to know that my work is enjoyed!I'm posting the rest other 7 completed chapters now,so please give them a look
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on November 02, 2012
Great story!
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