mystery dungeon Parabolic Chronicles!

I had the Idea that "the airhead army" (as the few selected have been called) should make a Pokemon story of how they turn into Pokemon and venture out into the world to find their reason for becoming a Pokemon so here is mine!

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Who, What, When, Where, WHY????

I woke up on a warm sunny day in the middle of nowhere in a field, and my head was throbbing. "Why can't I remember anything?" I asked myself. Then from behind me there came a voice, it sounded kind of raspy but soothing to hear at the same time, it said "Are you alright, you've been out for a couple of hours just lying there." "WHAT?" I yelled "I don't remember anything, how did I get here, why would I be here, who are you, WHAT'S GOING ON?" "calm down, I don't know who you are, where your from or why your here, but I do know that you've been lying here for a while, I watched you to make sure nothing happened to you, since all the recent goings on in the world" he replied.

     "Goings on in the world?" I asked "What do you mean?" he gasped, "You mean you don't know,there have been several natural disasters recently, how would you not notice?  I would figure that a ralts like you would at least be able so sense this stuff even if you didn't know." I looked at my hand and sure enough it was s white nub same as a ralts would have. "Wha... wha... HOW!!!! the only thing I can remember was being a human and now I'm a ralts, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME???" I screamed as I fell back down to the ground. he shook his head, "You are the strangest pokemon I have ever seen, what's your name?" I had to think for a second, and I finally answered "I am called Parabolic, I am human well used to be anyway, that's all I can remember..." he said "My name is Ellis, I'm a totodile , nice to meet you, funny name by the way." I retorted, "What's funny about my name?" so he then answered, "just odd I guess, but either way, we should go to town tomorrow and see if we can find anything out about you, I am curious as to why you lost your memory, and where you came from, but since I don't think you remember where you live, if you even have a place to live, but we'll find some place for you to stay the night."  We ended up finding an old building right out side town, it felt welcoming, and home like to me, it made me feel... happy.  "Well I had best get going" Ellis said "we gotta get up bright and early for the best chance to figure things out."

     The next morning, we went to town, no one seemed to know anything as to how I got there who I was, or anything, it made me feel... lost, I couldn't find anything else about me, I could only sense emotions, mine were by far the most depressing, but I could tell everyone else was sorry. Just then someone came rushing into town, it was a kangaskhan, the one that was running the bank earlier, except this time her child wasn't with her " MY BABY, MY BABY" she screamed as she tromped through town. "MY BABY IS LOST IN THE DARK WOODS, SOMEONE HELP!!!!!" suddenly Ellis shuddered "I always wanted to form a rescue team, and now I think I found someone to help start one... Parabolic, will you join me in making a rescue team, so we can help people like her, we might even meet some people who know something about you!".  After a few seconds I decided to join him and help the distressed pokemon of this world, so I answered "Let's do it!" Ellis jumped with glee, "good, now let's go find that kid in the dark woods!" and we were off on our first rescue mission!
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