The story of Seedpine.

The story of Seedpine.

Please also take my warrior cats quiz! It takes place after The Last Hope, omen of the stars and I will not include the alignments. Please rate+comment!(and read)

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1.

Seedkit poked her head out of the nursery. The green-leaf sun wafted throughout the hollow casting a look of hope around the camp.
It had only been a moon since the battle against Dark Forest but Thunderclan was getting on pretty well.
Gazing around the clearing she saw a group of cats huddled around something Seedkit couldn't make out.
"Seedkit, come here" Sorreltail yawned"I need to tell you something". With Daisy ad Brightheart out for the moment only Sorreltail and the kits remained in the stuffy nursery.Padding over to rest beside her mother she blinked her interest. Sorreltail nudged the sleeping Lilykit awake and beaconed Ravenkit over. Drowsily, Mudkit only lifted his head. Sorreltail  flicked her tail for them to come closer."Sandstorm has died. She died of a broken heart after Firestar's death."Looking at them sternly she continued, "As you know, she was, uh, grief stricken and retired to the elders' den. And she went, ah," Ravenkit popped up "Crazy?" Sorreltail glared at her but her gaze softened quickly. "Yes, I suppose you're right."  with that she sold up and walked over to the entrance mewling "I'm going to pay my respects now. You don't have to though." Then with a flick of her tail she vanished to join the mourners.
Seedkit was starring into to open space when a kit hurled herself at her. Recognizing Mudkit's brown pelt she sprang upwards and thru him off.
LIlykit shrunk away to avoid having a kit blanket. While Mudkit was steadying himself Seedkit noticed Ravenkit stifling a purr of laughter. Seedkit bounded out of the nursery watching over her shoulder to see if they were following her. Suddenly she crashed into a cat, picking herself up she noticed that it was Bramblestar.
Hastily she backed away infill her fur brushed the nursery wall.
Bramblestar turned around, expecting to see a glare she cringed, not ready for the smile that he bore on his mussel.
Bramblestar held her gaze for a heart beat but turned away to talk to Squirrelflight, his deputy and mate.
Seedkit never really liked that arrangement, she never thought that Squirrelflght would be a great leader anyway.
Glaring, she stalked away, not noticing Lilykit and Ravenkit sneaking up behind her.
A kit fell on her pinning her to the ground and another one followed.
Seedkit squirmed but she couldn't move a muscle. Just when she gave up she felt another kit push one of her attackers off of her.
"Take that! Mangy Windclan!" Mudkit yowled as he began to wrestle his sister.
Seedkit finally managed to throw off her sister.
Free of attackers Seedkit leaped around to see Mudkit dodging at takes from Ravenkit and Lilykit spinning around in confusion.
Seeing her chance Seedkit yowled " Flee Windclan, Flee!" and leaped on Lilykit, racking sheathed claws over her sister's back.
By now quiet a few cats were casting scolding glances at them. Quickly Brightheart ushered the kits in to the nursery.
"Why do we have to go back?" Mudkit complained, "Yah, we're just practicing unless Windclan attacks." Lilykit agreed.
Brightheart cast them a stern look "It's is a time for mourning, not play. I hope you behave better next time."
"Yes Brightheart" the kits chorused. "Why don't you go and eat now" Brightheart sighed eying them she said "I've already  eaten"
"Come on" Seedkit mewled and bounded out of the nursery.
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Great Story! Make more!
on March 18, 2014