I've BEN haunted.

I've BEN haunted.

Jenny and I downloaded some paranormal detection apps on our electronics to find more information on the shadow in my room. We didn't believe what we discovered.

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Chapter 1.

A Para--Normal Day in July (I've BEN haunted

It was a normal Friday night in Florida, John was failing at pool and Jenise and I were talking about random stuff. I suddenly brought up the fact about a creepy short guy in a tunic in my room. We decided to download free ghost detectors. We found some that detected communications and downloaded them. My app said "Ocean" Jenise talked about the Titanic tragedy for a while."Ben" my app said. Than it said "die". I , being the Creepypasta fangirl thought about Ben Drowned, yet Jenise didn't agree. Than her app spoke,"Money." Mine.said Legend. I mumbled about gaming and suddenly blurted out "Zelda!"
    Jenise was confused at first, until she remembered my obsession with Zelda games. She could believe me if she knew who Ben was. Jenises device said "Never". We chatted some,"got food" My phone suddenly said."Pen" John made an inappropriate joke, but we ignored him. " Down" "Never got food down?" Breann remembered her favorite talk show host, Link Neal couldn't eat his habenero pepper in his morning show.John brought up the bad joke again, before.singing a Miley Cyrus song. "Say Wrecking ball" he yelled. I thought about the GMM episode again. "Retching ball"I thought, feeling sorry for Link.
   After some chitchat about GMM and One Direction, and telling John to stop with the wiener jokes, Jenise's laptop said "Jason". I got really paranoid, than started analyzing everything. Even if it made no sense to Jenise, it made sense to me. I just knew it related to  Ben.  Suddenly, my phone said "Felix". I laughed, and admitted that I was secretly watching Pewdiepie this morning.  "Candle", Jenise's laptop said, before saying "Pen" again.
   "Instrument" my ghost radar said. "I play the Ocarina" Jenise looked at her radar. There were two ghosts on it. "You know that's all fake" John said." "Your face is fake" Jenise said, defending her precious radar. "Actually, the ghost radar used flux and EMF readings to detect paranormal activity around you." I said. "Bre, he doesn't know what that meant, he's a moron."Am Not" John said.
      After their radars shut up, they started the analysis. I knew it was talking about Link.I added "Link"  to my list. "Ocean, die". That meant Drowned. Jenise's radar said In.  "Legend". Legend of Zelda is a game. "Link drowned in the game." I scribbled something on my paper. "Technology", Jenise's radar spoke again. "Duh, we are using Technology. "Use" My phone said. "He'll" "Two" my phone and her laptop said at the same time."Die" it said. "All"
     I wrote on my paper, "Link drowned in the game. He will use technology... To kill us all!"
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Comments (6)

Noice ouo
on April 02, 2016
The ending though lol love it
on December 07, 2015
I am addictedto Ocarina of Time. ^.^
Me, too.
on August 05, 2015
on July 24, 2015
XD The first one wassorta believeable but the other was just funny! XD
on July 20, 2015
on July 19, 2015