the very last time

the very last time

A sad and touching story about love, loss, and friendship. Fifteen year old Amaya Storm believes she has found the love of her life during a high school football game. But it isn't all normal.

published on January 29, 201436 reads 19 readers 4 not completed
Chapter 1.

meeting him

Amaya was walking through the hall when she heard her name "AMAYA, HEY AMAYA!!!" It was her best friend Ellie Oakhart. She walked back to where Ellie was hey I want you to meet Mallory Pickett. Mallory was a pretty blond girl with hazel eyes and she didn't seem to be listening to Mallory, as she was talking to Rhonda Jones. "Hey. Mal!!!" Ellie shook her. "Oh nice to meet you." Mallory said and went back to her conversation with

They were halfway down the hall when Rhonda pointed out "Ohoo Jonathan looks HOT today!"
"Of course he does or I wouldn't be dating him." Replied Mallory.
The two giggled.
The Jonathan boy looked over and started walking towards them.
"Hey Johnny." Mallory said twisting her hair.
"Hi beautiful" he said kissing Mallory on the cheek.
"Hi Rhonda, Ellie and you are?" He questioned Amaya.
"Oh I'm Amaya." They shook hands and something magical glowed in Amaya's cheeks.
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Comments (4)

Love the story! I'd be interested in reading more!
on April 28, 2015
I will add more chapters thanks but how do you add more chapters. I only made 2 other stories.
on January 30, 2014
i love this story but plzzzzzzz finish it . this is keeping me in suspense! ahhhhhh! *pulling out hair in frustration*
on January 29, 2014
Awesome story make more chapters
on January 29, 2014