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divergent in more than 3 factions?
I was wondering if a divergent can have the aptitude for more than 3 factions because I know Tris was chosen for 3 but could a divergent be in more? I need to know bcuz I'm writing a fanfic on wattpad, it's not published yet bu...
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Harry potter queastion that I always wondered
If Voldemort can tell whenever someone is lieing, how come he can't tell Narcissa Malfoy is just saying Harry is dead (in the deathly Hallows) just to get inside hogwarts to see Draco?
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Hey I just wanna say it early have a happy holiday and I am grateful for everyone on qfeast this year. You have put up with my obsession with Harry potter and you all have been a great comfort and this has changed my life. Than...
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Are harry potter puppet pals disrespectful to the series
I mean they are really funny but I feel like they are making fun of harry potter. Idunno
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