Voldy Plays Yet Even More Mc

Voldy Plays Yet Even More Mc

Note: Read Voldy Plays Mc and Voldy Plays More Mc before this one.) Voldy is angry. Voldy is furious. Voldy rage quit Minecraft and stayed off for a week. But even he cannot resist the temptation of a laptop sitting quietly on the desktop, waiting to be used..

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Chapter 1.
The Un-Rage Quit

The Un-Rage Quit

Voldy was upset. He had come so close to getting some epic stuff! He sat on his moth eaten couch, his gaze repeatedly returning to the silver laptop sitting on the desk.
Voldy got up. He logged in. He opened Minecraft. And respawned.
Quietly he went back to his mountain home. Then from there he retraced his steps to the cave, and entered. Then he set it on Peaceful.
"I have had enough of dying for now." Voldy said. "I need some time to recollect myself and my inventory. Who knows, I might even find the chest!"
Unfortunately for Voldy, when he had died there had been zombies that had picked up some of his stuff. So he wasn't going to get back all of it.
Voldy wandered through the cave system. He followed the redstone torches he had placed. Why redstone? Because they were unusual and a good trail, although he hadn't had much redstone.
Voldy came to the pathway he had mined in the wall to get around the spiders.
"As soon as I make some shears I can get through the cobwebs and to the chests." Voldy thought. He continued along. Then he saw the little floating shapes on the ground.
Voldy cheered.
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