Voldy plays more Mc

Voldy plays more Mc

Note: Read VOLDYPLAYSMC before this one! Voldy has a new laptop, as well as an obsession with Minecraft. His wallet is a bit lighter, as Wormy made him pay for the second laptop.

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Chapter 1.
Falling off Mountain Tops

Falling off Mountain Tops

Voldy sat at his laptop. He was building a house out of cobblestone and bricks.
"I want to have a fireplace." he decided. "But first I will have to go to the Nether." Then he paused. "Maybe I should live in the Nether! It is so evil and fiery!"
"You would die within five minutes." Nagini said.
"Oh be quiet." Voldy replied. "You don't know anything about Minecraft. Dang it, I'm out of bricks! I guess I will have to find a body of water, then I want to go into a cave."
Voldy also needed a compass. He explored the area around his house, which was on the edge of a mountain. Then he went too far.
Voldyplaysmc died.
"NOT AGAIN!"  Voldy yelled in annoyance. He respawed at his spawn point.
"I really need to make a bed." Voldy said. "First I will need some sheep."
Unfortunately, when he had spawned the first time, he had killed all of the sheep.
"Darn." Voldy frowned. "Well, I might as well find my home and look for sheep along the way." He set out towards the forest. He remembered crossing through it on the way to the mountains. Along the way he saw lots of burning trees. Voldy looked around and spotted a lava pit- the same one he had fallen in while battling a Harry Potter.
Voldy strode through the trees. Then he heard some "ba" noises.
"Sheep!" Voldy exclaimed. He walked around a little and found the sheep. Voldy killed two, getting two wool from one and one wool from the other. Then he continued on. Finally he saw grassland and ocean. Then he looked up and saw the mountains- with his house on top. Hurrying forwards, Voldy found a patch of his stuff.
"Whew" said Voldy. "I'm glad I didn't lose it all. Now I need to make my bed."
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ha ha
on August 16, 2014
on May 29, 2014
Aw poor voldy got murdered again
on May 03, 2014
Poor Voldy XD
on April 06, 2014
haha Voldy, you didm't even get to kill Harry Potter!!!
on February 24, 2014