Just Tell Him

Just Tell Him

Sequel of Love Or Hate. Daniela is now in high school. Her life is going to get out of hand again when there's a new boy in the school. Louis is worried the new boy might try to steal Daniela away and his jealously might start to get out of hand, but does May want someone? Can Daniela get her way through this situation?

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Chapter 1.

Chapter 1

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Daniela slammed her hand on her clock. She opened one eye and looked at the time. 6:00 a.m. Daniela's covers were thrown off her bed from her tossing and turning. She groaned. "Why does school have to start so early?" Daniela mumbled as she slowly got up and walked to her dresser. She threw on a t-shirt, sweater, and skinny jeans. Daniela walked out of her room and knocked on Drake's door. "Hey! You need to get up!" She told him as she knocked repeatedly. Daniela then entered the bathroom and washed her face. She grabbed a towel and dried her dripping wet face. Daniela took a hair band and made a messy bun with her long brown hair.
"You done?" Drake asked, his voice raspy from just awaking. He stood at the entrance of the bathroom, arms folded, and looking impatient. "Yeah I'm finished," Daniela yawned and left to go to the kitchen.
*             *              *              *
"Drake! Bus is going to be at the bus stop any second now!" Daniela called from the entrance of the house. "Okay!" Drake yelled back from his room. Daniela grabbed her backpack and keys and ran out the door. She ran to the bus stop. The bus had just stopped and people were already climbing on. Daniela hurried and ran through the street, not bothering to look around for vehicles. Drake soon followed behind her.
They both climbed on the bus. Daniela looked around for Melissa. She soon spotted Melissa sitting in a three-seater looking up at her. Daniela smiled and sat next to her. "Hey," she greeted. Daniela greeted back, "Hi." "You're just in time, you almost missed the bus," Melissa laughed at Daniela. Daniela looked down, disappointedly, "I forgot to do my Geometry homework so I ended up doing it after I got ready for school." Melissa nodded knowingly. Daniela looked out the window. Stores, houses, and people passed quickly as the bus rode past the green stoplights.
"What block do we start off with?" Daniela asked after noticing that the bus had made it to the high school. Melissa thought for a moment, "I am pretty sure it's two. Remember today's a Tuesday. And it's the end of November now so I'm pretty sure marking period is going to end soon." Daniela sighed in relief, "Good. I almost didn't make it through this marking period. I don't know what is easier, middle school or this freshman year."
They both got up and walked off the bus. Everyone entered the school. Daniela and Melissa split apart and headed to their lockers. Daniela walked up to her blue locker and entered in the combination.
Suddenly she felt arms wrapped around her. "Hi beautiful," Daniela recognized that voice. Daniela blushed and smiled. She turned around. Louis put his hands on her waist and smiled sweetly. Daniela wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. Louis then opened his locker that was next to hers. "How've you been?" Louis asked Daniela. Daniela opened her locker and placed her backpack inside. "I've been great, thanks for asking. And you?" Daniela replied. Before Louis could answer, someone banged their hand on the locker on the other side of Daniela. Daniela and Louis looked at who made the noise. Frank stood leaning against the locker grinning, "I'm good." Daniela laughed and closed her locker after she had gathered all her stuff, "Well I wasn't asking you, but that's good."
Louis closed his locker and looked over at Frank. "So are you coming with us to Chemistry? We start off with second block today," Louis informed him as he held up two fingers. Frank nodded, "Yeah sure." Frank looked back at Daniela. "Hey I heard you’re going to have another locker buddy," he smiled at her. Daniela raised and eyebrow and asked, "How do you know?" "Well I saw him as I passed by the main office. Plus, I overheard him say that his locker was number 2014," Frank told her, sounding very knowledgeable.
Daniela looked at the locker where Frank was standing. She then faced Frank again, "So his locker is right there?" He nodded. "That’s great and all, but our class is like on the other side of the school, so we better get moving," Louis advised Frank and Daniela.
*             *              *              *
Daniela, Louis, and Frank rushed into the classroom. Daniela sat in her seat and placed her stuff on her lab table. "I was wondering where you were. You took longer to get here than usual," said the girl next to Daniela. Daniela turned her head. Alexia sat next to her. She took out her writing implement and placed it on the table.
"Yeah, Frank was talking to me about something before we headed here," Daniela sighed. The classroom phone began to ring. The teacher rushed over to answer. "What was it about?" Alexia asked, tapping her fingers on the table. "Um, it was -" "Ms. Luis!"Daniela was interrupted by the teacher. Daniela, Alexia, Louis, and Frank all looked at the teacher. "Yes Mr. Jacobs?" Daniela asked starting to get up from her seat. "The principle needs you in the main office," Mr. Jacobs informed her. Everyone oohed loudly. "She's in trouble," Frank laughed and clapped. Alexia turned around and looked directly at Frank. "Hey! Frank!" Alexia shouted to him. Frank stopped laughing and looked at Alexia, "Yeah?" "Shut up." She glared at him. Alexia turned back around and looked at Daniela.
"Good luck." She smiled.
Daniela left the room and headed towards the office. What could the principle need with me? I didn't do anything wrong, or at least I don't think so. Daniela nervously walked into the main office and stood in front of the secretary. The secretary looked up at Daniela and gave her a serious, stern look.
"How may I help you?"
"Uh yes, the principle wanted to see me."
"Your name?"
"Daniela Luis."
"Ah yes, her office is the first door on the left," the secretary directed Daniela. Daniela took a deep breath and walked up to the principal's door and opened it.
The principle sat at her desk. Daniela walked inside and closed the door. She then noticed a boy sitting on the chair in front of the the principal's desk. He looked up at Daniela with his light brown eyes. His hair was pitch black, short and spiked at the front of his head. He wore a black shirt, baggy skinny jeans and a cross necklace.
Daniela looked at the principal and smiled. The principle stood up and walked over to Daniela. "You must be Daniela Luis, we've been waiting for you," she smiled at Daniela. "This is Carlos Macario. He is a new student at this school and I would like you to show him around and help him until he understands what to do," the principle explained, "I know you must be wondering, 'why me?' Well, I picked you because it seems you both have all the same classes and both of your lockers are next to each other." Daniela looked at Carlos and then the principle again. So this is the guy Frank was talking about. Carlos stood up and picked up his backpack. "Alright, no problem. I'll be glad to help him," Daniela nodded her head.
Carlos and Daniela walked out of the main office and into the hallway. "Well, so I guess you wanna go to your locker first?" Daniela asked him. Carlos nodded his head. They both headed towards their lockers. They walked in silence through the hallways. "So where did you move from?" Daniela asked him, trying to break the silence. "Princeton," Carlos responded quietly. Daniela smiled and looked at him, "Oh really? I love it there."
His eyes widened and he blushed a little. "Yeah it's a good place," Carlos smiled at Daniela. "Well welcome to Lawrence. I know you'll like it here," Daniela welcomed him.
They made it to their lockers. Carlos opened his locker and placed his backpack inside. "What do I need for first period?" he looked at Daniela and she looked directly at him. "Just bring a notebook, folder, and a pencil," Daniela listed out for him. Carlos took out his things and closed his locker. They began walking to Chemistry.
"What's your nationality? I've been wondering," Daniela asked Carlos as they were halfway to the classroom. "I'm Puerto Rican. And you?" he replied to her question. "Oh I'm Guatemalan." Daniela told Carlos. Both of them kept quiet and walked the rest of the way.
Daniela opened the door to the classroom. Everyone was watching a video on the television about chemical reactions. Daniela walked inside and Carlos followed behind her. Immediately, everyone's attention was on the both of them. They both walked up to Mr. Jacobs. Daniela explained everything to him. After that, Daniela had Carlos sit with Alexia and her at their lab table. "Who’s this? Is he new here?" Alexia asked Daniela. Daniela nodded, "His name is Carlos. He moved from Princeton." Alexia raised her eyebrows, "Interesting."
"Psst! Daniela!" someone whispered behind Daniela. She turned around. Frank and Louis both looked at her. "You mind introducing us to your new friend?" Frank asked. Daniela blanked out for a second. Then immediately jumped in her seat. "Oh yeah! How rude of me! Frank, Louis, this is Carlos," Daniela introduced them to each other. Carlos heard his name and turned around to see Louis and Frank looking directly at him. "Carlos this is Louis," Daniela had her hand in front of Louis, "and this is Frank," Daniela placed her hand in front of Frank. Carlos waved to them. Louis and Frank waved back.
"Don't worry," Frank told Carlos, "Stick with Louis and me and you'll have fun. Also, stick with Daniela as well, she'll help you keep out of trouble. We got you," Frank nodded and grinned. "Thanks," Carlos thanked him.
Daniela smiled at Carlos. Carlos's cheeks turned a bit red and he cheerfully smiled back. They both turned around and watched the video. Louis noticed and raised an eyebrow. I'll have to keep an eye on him when he's with Dani, Louis thought. Frank elbowed Louis' arm. Louis looked over at him. "I think he'll be great friends with us," Frank whispered to Louis. Louis looked solemnly at Carlos. "Sure," Louis muttered under his breath.
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this is a very interesting story. well written too. good job!
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on May 05, 2014
on May 05, 2014