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Diary of a Freshman
I am finally back! Sorry I've been gone for so long and haven't been able to continue with Diary of an 8th Grader because qfeast wouldn't let me continue with chapters. But no worries Ariana is finally back for her new year as ...
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Just Tell Him
Sequel of Love Or Hate. Daniela is now in high school. Her life is going to get out of hand again when there's a new boy in the school. Louis is worried the new boy might try to steal Daniela away and his jealously might start ...
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Love Or Hate
Daniela is a 13-year-old in 7th grade. Her life was normal and plain until she met Louis (and no not the one from 1D -.-). She quickly develops feelings for him, but then remembers about her feeling for another boy, Felix. Both...
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Diary of an 8th Grader
Sequel of the book Diary of a 7th Grader. Ariana has now moved up a grade and is starting a whole new beginning. This is her new diary. Read it to find out the continuation of her life.
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Diary of a 7th Grader
Being a 7th grader is hard. It's time to show what goes on in a girl's life. It's kind of based on real life events. I hope you all like it.
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