Diary of a Freshman

Diary of a Freshman

I am finally back! Sorry I've been gone for so long and haven't been able to continue with Diary of an 8th Grader because qfeast wouldn't let me continue with chapters. But no worries Ariana is finally back for her new year as a high schooler. I'm not doing everyday/everyotherday updates on the story. I have been busy with school and everything so I'll post each Saturday. But since this is the beginning of a new book, why not do it on a Thursday?! Also if any of you qfeasters can find a way for me to release my stories more out into the public, give me a message, it'll help a lot. Enjoy!

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Chapter 1.

September 11 2014

CAUTION! Before you read this story, have you read "Diary of a 7th Grader" and then "Diary of an 8th Grader" after? If yes then you may continue on and ignore the rest of this paragraph. If no then don't go any farther than this paragraph. I STRONGLY suggest you read those two books first.Thanks for everything.

Where do I start?? I have no idea. Lots of things have changed in just a small amount of time. My best friend Mary has moved to California. I tear up whenever I think about it so I just try to push it to the back of my head. I am still dating Enrique which is good. I started school last week and so far I don't like it. Don't get me wrong, many people like high school. The problem with me is that luck hasn't really been on my side like other people. NONE of my friends are in any of my classes, except for gym in which I have Lauren. I don't have any classes OR lunches with Enrique and same with the rest of my friends so now I have to sit with my brother.
I haven't seen Ethan much except for yesterday when I pasted by him in the hall and he was sitting on the floor and greeted me. I've also noticed so many new trends going on. Crop tops, long skirts, high waisted shorts, saying "bruh", "smh", and those backpacks from Urban outfitters and such. I just can't keep up with anything, I feel like my head is going to go crazy.
After lunch today, I went to my period six class, Mandarin. I sat down and noticed none of my classmates haven't entered the classroom yet. The bell soon rings and I'm still sitting in my desk in an empty classroom. All I can hear is my teacher typing on her laptop keyboard. My teacher is very old, she's 78 years old, and she can be a bit forgetful sometimes on scheduling and stuff. Five minutes pass and I finally decide that I check my schedule. "Let's see," I whisper to myself, ". . . theater, English, lunch, . . . Modern World Civ . . ." And I was like damn it I'm in wrong class . . . I got up, packed up my things and asked the teacher for a pass. I slowly walked down the stairs and down the hall, but then I rushed into the classroom acting like I was trying to get there as soon as I could. I hate it when everyone stares at you when you walked in the classroom, I'm like what you want? xD

So this is the first chapter of Diary of a Freshman! I know it wasn't so exciting but I promise I'll have more to write on Saturday. I love you guys so much. Thank you guys for so much support on my first story "Diary of a 7th Grader" and my second story "Diary of an 8th Grader". As I said in the beginning if you haven't read either of those books please read them first so this story will make more sense to you I promise. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING AND STAY TUNED FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER.

Book flash back -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
December 19 2012

OMG! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! You will totally not believe it!! I told Ethan that I like him! And guess what?? He likes me too!!!! So this is how it happened. So I promised Ethan that I will tell him who I liked during lunch. So he came to my table. My heart was pumping hard. So then he said, "Are you ready with your answer?" I nodded. "It's... It's... It's..... It's you." You could see his face, it quickly turned red. "Wow....... That's surprising." He said. I looked away. And for a bit it was silent. Then he said, "I bet your wondering who I like..." I nodded shyly. "I like you too......" I immediately felt red. I lost my appetite. It quickly got silent and awkward. Then Heather started talking about airplane food. Which broke the silence. When Ethan left, I quickly covered my face. I told everyone what happened because they were confused about what was going on. Then I took Heather with me so I could tell Mary. She congratulated and hugged me. Then I left. When I went to put away my lunch box in my locker, Ethan came right up to me. He said, "So.... You want to go out?" I blushed. I nodded and quietly said yes. He said alright and quickly went back with his friends. I was so super happy. I quickly ran up to Heather and Vicky and said what Ethan asked me. The started jumping all around hugging me. I was like wow in my head. I was smiling all day. I just emailed my other best friend Taylor and told her about it, and I already texted an old friend, Kinsey . Everyone was congratulating me and Ethan. It was embarrassing.

Back to present --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I was so stupid back then xD
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