Wolfy and the pack

Wolfy and the pack

it is about when wolfy got in the pack. Just a short part of his life.. If you do my wolf quiz you will see who wolfy is. He is epic.

published on January 03, 201412 reads 8 readers 1 completed
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Chapter 2.

The fight with Max

Max and Wolfy went to the fighting circle. Moon light and the other cubs cheered wolfy on. The rest of the pack cheered max on. Wolfy and Max got into their fighting position. They attacked and wolfy won. Then the pack was so astounded. Then they started to show dominance to wolfy and his friends. The pack finally decided to make wolfy the alpha. Wolfy was a great alfa. He was fair to all pack members and a great leaders. he lead all the hunts and always got prey. Wolfy soon mated with moonlight and they lived happily ever after.
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on September 17, 2016