Wolfy and the pack

Wolfy and the pack

it is about when wolfy got in the pack. Just a short part of his life.. If you do my wolf quiz you will see who wolfy is. He is epic.

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Chapter 1.
how he was born

how he was born

Katelyn, Wolfy's mom carried Wolfy(when he was a cub) through the woods sprinting as fast as she could. There were human hunters right behind her. She knew that she had to save her poor cub. Wolfy was born on December 29th. Her paws pounded on the ground. Finally, she got to the moonclaw pack and got wolfy's father, Froloan. Wolfy's father ran outside to help fight. Sadly, the humans had guns. The mother and father was killed. Wolfy survived and the pack took care of him. Because his dad was the alpha, wolfy would be the alpha next. He was too small so another wolf took place as alpha instead. That wolf was Duncan and he was a horrible wolf and was mean to Wolfy. He treated him with disrespect. There were some other wolves that were treated badly that was close to wolfy's age. They are; Moonlight, Briggan, Sparky, Hunter, Tod, Katie, and Tiffany. As soon as Wolfy saw Moonlight, he fell in love with her instantly. Wolfy's pack did not know that he was; a powerful wolf, a great hunter, wily, cunning, smart, terrific, and better at everything. Wolfy was a red wolf with medium dark, fierce when angered, but soft brown eyes, silver/gray fur with reddish brownish highlights. His paws had razor sharp claws and he has razor sharp teeth. He was big for only a cub. His back is up to the bellybutton of a kid that is 4.8 feet tall. Wolfy is very powerful. Duncan's son, Max was a cub but was very mean to wolfy. He challenged wolfy to a fight off and boasted to everyone that he would win for sure.
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