This is the nightmare i live in

This is the nightmare i live in

Hey guys! I decided I would try create a catchy story. This is all made by me, I hope its good enough. I also wanted to say that if you want more stories like this one or any other type of story just comment down below, what type of stories you think would be good for, me to create. :D <3 Hope you enjoy it. :3

published on November 13, 201318 reads 10 readers 3 completed
Chapter 1.

Cold winter night

Tonight's a cold winter night. as i stand outside i know someone's watching me from above. I am a believer in god. I seek the truth of what happened to my best friend that one summer morning. I need to know. She was everything to me. Everything. Every night i cry myself to sleep. That's how i've got to sleep for 6 years now. Every night and day i seek the truth. The real truth of what happened to lily. i wonder every night if she would just appear on my doorstep and it was all a dream.. but no, she was dead.. that was that. When i saw her body just lying there on the streets.. blood everywhere people passing by and just not bothering to look or help. i shouted so loud i couldn't speak. It was a nightmare. Lily's parents were out of town. as i sat there crying and holding lily's head in my arms and just looking down at her thinking this can't be... i called an abulance and soon enough it came and half way to the hospital lily died. I called her parents up and told them the nightmare. They dropped the phone and killed them self's. I couldn't believe it. My mum and dad were there for me. And really liked lily. Lily's parents were good friends to my parents. And me and lily.. we were like sisters. dressed the same. i still remember the dress we were both wearing when i found her that summer day. Ever since i've wanted to know how did she die. But the hospital couldn't say. I just.. tried killing myself 3 times. It was horrible.
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on March 07, 2014
Aw sorry I haven't been on lately!!! I'll be sure to update it tomorrow or later on this night!!!
on January 28, 2014
more plzzz
on January 11, 2014