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Secrets (1)
This is about a girl, her name is Jemma! Jemma is a really beautiful outgoing person! But behind all of the niceness, reveals a terrible sight. So many secrets, and bad memories!!!! So read this story to find out what happens!
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Crazy family
This story is about a mum and a dad. The chapters show how they met and how the girl gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. The mum and dads names were Cameron and Lucy. their child's name is Mkayla. Kayla for short. They are a b...
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Me and my sister
Me and my sister are the same blood! But same blood or not, she's annoying! I hoped one day she would die! I got my wish... I regret it! I want her back.
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Me and my happy family.
In a family there's some bumps in the road, some stuff you did that you wish you didn't, but that's all apart of life. But for this one crazy family, it's more then unnormal.
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This is the nightmare i live in
Hey guys! I decided I would try create a catchy story. This is all made by me, I hope its good enough. I also wanted to say that if you want more stories like this one or any other type of story just comment down below, what ty...
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Our love story
This is yet another story i got off of the internet. If you still want to keep reading.. Go ahead i would love some readers.
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My sad story
Ok, This story i got off of the internet. Its this girl that has a Bestfriend Karan. What will happen? Well simply read.
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My life story!
Hey guys i decided i would create a story About my life. But its a story i got off of the internet. Its not actually my life story. That would be hard to explain my life story. So let's get into it
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Dealing with 2 diseases.
Hello everyone, my story is about me being effected by 2 diseases that i got, if you would read my story from the beginning to the end, you'll understand, but won't feel the pain i go threw everyday, I know it might look like i...
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