Secrets (1)

Secrets (1)

This is about a girl, her name is Jemma! Jemma is a really beautiful outgoing person! But behind all of the niceness, reveals a terrible sight. So many secrets, and bad memories!!!! So read this story to find out what happens!

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Chapter 1.

First day of school

It was the first day of school, it was scary, and in fact, I was excited!!! Because my best friend was there!!! I haven't seen her in ages!!!

I woke up too the sound of an alarm. -ding ding ding- "Uh....... It's not school yet!!!" I said angry!
My mum walked into the room, "Sweetie, it's first day of school, get up have breakfast and stuff! Bacon and eggs are in the kitchen."
"Wait what!!!! It's first day of school?!?!?!" I looked at the calender and got an epic suprise! "Thanks for waking me up mom!!!" I said excitedly! and then rushed out of my room before my mom could say anything!
"Oh... Ok sweetie!"
I started to race down stairs!!! I ate very quicky! I thought to myself "Yummy"
I went back up to my room and picked out some clothes! I put on, white jeans, a black top, with black sneakers! I thought I looked good!
"Mum, I'm going now!!"
"But it's early darling!"
"I know but I'm too excited!!"
"Aww, well good luck!!! And if anyone try's to beat you up, stand up for yourself!!!"
"Ok mom!! Thanks for advice!!! Bye :)"
I got a ride from my bestie!! Her name was Lucy! I hoped into her car and she drove to school!!! It changed a bit, but hey, change isn't that bad!!
"Uh... Lucy"
"I'm nervous"
"I knew it! You were burning up when I hugged you! It'll be fine!! And hey, there is a hot new guy!! I'm not sure of his name, but you 2 would suit each other!!! But I want him, so don't steal!"
"Don't worry, I don't really want to date!"
"Ok!!! Suit yourself. But you are missing out! And take my advice, try date. It's ok if you don't like it! But people will start to call you a Lesbian!"
"Well, that's nice."
"Oi, take my advice missy!"
"Ok, I will!" We rushed into school! There was Missy and kat. Our friends! Together, we ruled the school. But just in our heads. I always thought we could be popular but misses annoying (AKA Sabrina) was the popular one!!!
"Hey look!!!" Kat said suprised!
"What???" Missy said confused!
"That knew guy, with Sabrina" Kat said
"Umm... Guys??? I wish you would start calling her by her actual name!!! "Annoying" Jesus" Lucy said storming off.
"Ok.... She hates misses annoying. And I don't blame her. So Kat, Missy, girl up!! Take control! Misses annoying has you hipnotised to think you're the 3rd class student!!! But me and Lucy are proud that we aren't trapped in that hidious trap! So we are going to teach you how to escape."
"Uh.... What??" Missy said

-1 hour later-
I was standing at my locker when the new guy came up to me!
"Hey... You're cute" He said looking nervous
"Aww, don't be nervous!! Thanks!!!" I said blushing
"Uh... Wanna hang out some time??"
"Oh sure!!!"
"Ok, meet me behind the school! At 3:40"
"Ok :) See you there"

Ok!!! That's all for this chapter!! Thanks for giving this book a chance!! Bye :)
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on August 08, 2014
I will write more, but I am currently just a bit busy, but I shall be able to write more, just wait a while
on May 28, 2014