This is the story of the creepypasta I created. Her name is Penelope and she comes from the family of the haliwells.

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a trip to the zoo

a trip to the zoo

     Paige , pheobe , and piper are my sister's , I found them after the battle with Billy and kristie. I live with them now and we are taking a trip to the zoo with the whole family , this is uppers only day off but everyone knows it'll probably be destroyed by demons. Im only 11 but I have my powers and can fight the demons , but piper won't let me join in on the fights with the upper levels demons.

          We were on our way to the zoo when I saw it , it was a bright light and it flashed and I could feel myself looking it and slipping under.I woke up when pheobe Billie shook me and I moved out of the car. First we went to get maps and to get some food. Then we saw the lions. Suddenly the world was still everyone frozen except the family , then the lions turned into demons and they threw a fire ball at me. I was paralyzed I didn't know what was happening. Then Paige redirected the fireball at the demon and killed him. But then a demon came behind me and took me away to thier layer. They took a knife and slit my throat sterling my blood to do some evil thing.

          Then I was at some mansion , then I saw him. It was Jeff the killer and smile dog! I ran up to them. "Um hi" my voice came out hoarse. He looked up then down to my neck. "Hi , who are you"he replied. "Im Penelope , am I dead?" I asked "yes" he replied "judging from the gash in your throat I'd think so" "what!" I questioned. He took out a mirror and showed me my neck I gasped.

      "So what's your case"he asked me . "Im a witch and I was killed by a demon" "can I see your powers . . . If your telling the truth" he asked me. I nodded and levitate a flower pot in the air. Then I let it float then when he wasn't watching Sat criss cross in the air with my elbows on my knees.

   "How old are you" he asked me "11"I replied. "Well would you like to come live with us scence you have no where else to go"he asked me "sure , I'd love to "! I exclaimed leaning down to pet smile dog.

        That's how I came to live with the creepy pastas ,

(Btw that wasn't a one shot thing it will continue if you want it to.)
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Countinue but put blood in it!
on December 23, 2013
on October 10, 2013