I WILL gain your trust!!

I WILL gain your trust!!

Read the story and you'll find out. It's a Hogwarts story. All rights go to J.K.Rowling. Only additional characters not found in the books or movies belong to me.

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Chapter 1.

How it all began

"Up. Get up! NOW!!!"
I jumped out of bed and pulled on some short jeans and a strappy top. I dashed downstairs and ate some toast for breakfast before brushing my teeth. I quickly ran a brush through my long, brown hair and tied it in a pony. I was in the front hall within ten minutes. Now most families say that their kids are extraordinary. Now when my parents say that they REALLY mean it. My sisters; Jennifer, Penelope and I are witches. Like we can do magic and spells and stuff like that. Jennifer has already graduated and can do magic all the time. Penelope is in her fourth year. I'm only starting my first year now. As I enter the hall there's a knock on the door and my dad peeks through the peep hole.
He sounds panicky when he says, " It's them. Jen, you must take your sisters. Apparate. Go to the den. Give this to Remus Lupin, no-one else. Do you understand. And don't come back."
He hands Jennifer a note and we grab our stuff. As I grab Penelope's hand the door is blasted open. I see a flash of green light and I know my dad is dead. As Jennifer turns on the spot, there is another green flash and the last thing I see before I'm engulfed in darkness is my mother's lifeless body fall to the ground.
We arrive at a house we've never seen before. Jenny knocks on the door. A man answers it. His cloths are shabby and he has scars etched into his tired face. Everyone is silent, so I'm the first one to speak. I take the letter from my sisters hand and walk forwards.
"Are you Remus Lupin? Our dad told us to come here and give this to Remus Lupin." I look at him.
"Come in. Let me see that letter." He said, "Don't worry. My name is indeed Remus John Lupin."
I give him the letter and walk in. We remain quiet as he reads.
"I'm sorry for your loss. Please make yourselves at home. You will live here with me.  And you'll have to go to school here. I'll send a letter to professor Dumbledore immediately. Come, I'll make hot chocolate."
And so our new life begins...
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I love it! This is a cool story!
on October 04, 2013