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Curious. Very curious indeed!
Mr. Lupin is taking us to get our school books and stuff. Since I lost my wand, I have to get a brand new one. I don't mind since it's really quick and easy. We got all of our stuff and we're getting my wand now.
"You guys can wait outside. I'll only be a minute." I tell them.
I walk into the shop, Ollivanders, and ring the bell. A man comes out of the back room and smiles.
"Ah, now I was wondering if I would ever meet you, Miss Collins. Which wand should we try first?" He wasn't really t...
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Guiding You (Harry Potter Fanfic)
Do you think being a normal ol' teenager is bad?Well,meet 12 year old,Jamie Black.She's an orphaned werewolf searching through alleys.And to top it all off she has 4 other siblings:Anne,Ally,James & Austin to take care of.When ...
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I WILL gain your trust!!
Read the story and you'll find out. It's a Hogwarts story. All rights go to J.K.Rowling. Only additional characters not found in the books or movies belong to me.
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Hi! My name is Troublesome. Capital T. I am completely amazing, absolutely awesome and terribly troublesome. Bye!
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