Everything Horses

Everything Horses

All most every basic thing you need to know about horses from feeding to riding to mucking stalls

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All horse care

All horse care


         Feeding:  All horses have different feeding schedules. Some horses need special medicine and some need less food then others,depending on how much they work. If they work every day really hard they would get more food then a Lightly worked horse or a horse not worked at all.
          Its better to feed a horse a little food multiple times through the day not a bunch at once. Because in the wild they would graze multiple times a day taking rest in between not eating a bunch then not eating again until the next day.

        Grooming: You will also need to brush your horse. There are three main brushes used on a horse. A Curry Comb used first to loosen up the dirt. Then a hard brush to brush off the dirt brought up by the rubber curry comb. Then a Soft brush used to give your horse that glossy finish. Also use a mane/tail comb to get out the knots in there tail and mane . You will also need to know how to pick their hooves. Standing by their side facing his/her behind then guiding your hand down there leg to there hoof/foot. Then picking up his/her hoof and leaning ageist them to help with their balance. Then cleaning out the dirt and stones around their frog (sensitive part of hoof). Then Placing there hoof back down.

        Cleaning Stalls: Once a day you should go in to your horses stall and clean out the poo and pee clumps. Also make sure they have a full clean bucket of water and some hay.
       At least once a week if not more go and clean out the whole stall and place down new bedding.
       While cleaning a stall tie up your horse using a quick release knot or put him/her out to graze. Its for your own safety.

        Vetting: Horses should have a check up at least once a year if not more. Horses can get a lot of sicknesses such as Colic which can kill them or if there is to many sugars in the grass they graze in it can make them sick. Horses also need to be de-wormed and have there teeth floated. Having a vet come out to check on your horse/s cost lots of money,and as an Emergency call it cost even more.

         Farrier : Every 6-8 weeks a horse will need his/her shoes replaced. This also is costly. Fitting a new shoe is no easy job you know. And if they get the wrong size, It may irritate your horse.

       Riding: There is English riding and Western riding. The English saddle tends to be lighter and has a simpler saddle. The Western saddle tends to be lighter and has a nub on the front of the saddle called a horn, commonly used as a "anchor" when roping cattle.
       Sports on horseback very,depending on the style. When riding with an English saddle there is sports such as Dressage,Show Jumping,Cross Country, Eventing, Polo and more. When Riding Western there is Barrel racing,Bronco Riding,Cattle Roping and more.
      Lessons are offered in almost every town,or close by. If you really want a horse. Its a good Idea to know horse care and how to ride. First pick your style, English or Western. Then find a riding "pace" which offers lessons in that style. If you ride English (Like Me) You will start by learning how to mount (get on) and dismount (get off) as your first "lesson". I know it may sound crazy,but if you mount a horse the wrong way you can hurt there back. And that goes for English and Western riding. Then as an English rider you will learn to make your horse walk and stop. After you have mastered that you move on to turning then trotting. After you have mastered the walk and trot its time to choose if you want to do dressage with your horse, or soar through the sky over jumps. If you can't decide try eventing ( a mix of both) From here you may learn different things depending on the path you follow. If you do Dressage you may learn to perfect your post and go over ground poles (as a start). If you decide to go it to show jumping or Cross Country you will learn to canter and sit in the jumping position called a two point position. If you are an evener you will learn both.  
       As a Western rider you will learn to mount and dismount (as stated above) as well as make your horse walk and stop. Then mastering turning on a dime, as well as making your horse back up.

      Bonding: Don't forget to bond with your horse. Show him/her you love him/her by making a strong bond of friendship and trust. Not everyone can learn to trust a half ton animal. Take a few days a week to give your horse a nice long brushing, maybe a bath. And talk to him/her. Go ahead you know there going to listen, and they won't tell ANYONE ! even if you tell them your deepest darkest secret. You can be sure its safe with your horse. And don't forget the treats such as horse cookies,sugar cubes,carrots,apples,extra hay,etc ( But don't over do with the treats)

      So there are some basics of owning a horse. Its not as easy as it sounds, but the hard work pays off. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. Thanks for reading my story,hope you enjoyed it. P.S Putting a bridle on isn't easy at first,I just learned how to put it on myself. (Picture for chapter is proper placement of saddle)
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