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Baby sitting a 3 year old!
I have NO little siblings,And I'm watching a 3 & 1/2 Year old (girl) in about 3 HOURS! What are some things I can keep her entertained with? I'm going to bring her to a play gym and let her play,also I froze a toy in ice that s...
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I need some things to do at a slumber party
Well this is my first "real" slumber party,and I'M HOSTING IT! I'm exited,but nervous. If I mess up they may not want to another one I host. So its only a week away from tomorrow! I have TONS of game ideas all ready,same with m...
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Will you join along ?
(Read the picture) Just find a pen and join the movement. I did it, did you ??
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Do you need help with your pet ??
Do you need training help or tips?? Well I'm here to help! Just inbox me or ask right here. Please include your pets name,kind (dog,cat,horse,rabbit,etc) Breed (if you know ) age ( if you know) and what you want help with. Pl...
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Do you have a horse, or just LOVE horses?
Then PLEASE join my Horse Knowledge page. I'll try to help you with all your horsey needs and questions any day. So please Join even if you don't need any horsey help, or have any questions at the moment. (The picture for my pa...
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I need a long list of things to do when I'm board
I need a lot of things to do when Im board, cuz I get board ALOT. ( Weather were I am so you can plan by weather, go skiing in 60 degree weather with no snow ... NO) So its an avrage of 55-65 and sunny :) NOW I NEED THINGS T...
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So I volunteered to be a makeup artist for a performance. And to be honest I don't know that much about Makeup ... HELP .... TIPS.......... I don't use make up .... Nor do I want to ( other then lipstick) so I need to know as m...
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Do you think I take good pictures?
I was just curious what you thought of my picture of this colorful leaf surrounded by green leafs.... Please no rude comments
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I need help with helping someone at my school !!
So theres this girl at my school, and shes over 100+ pounds over weight . I want to help her. but all she does is read, read ,read.... And she puts NO effort in to working out AT ALL ... WHAT SHOULD i DO ???? I want to help her...
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I need some stuff to bring on a 4ish hour plane trip.
I have a BUNCH of stuff im bringing. But if you have some ideas that would be GR8:) Also This is the first time I have flown since I was 4 and I am kinda nervous, Anyone have tips for nervousness?? THANK YOU :)
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Do you have a animal question???
I have a dog,cat, and 2 rabbits. I love horses and I ride:-) I <3 Horses I <3 Animals. If you have any animal questions please feel free to ask me. Or if you need help training an animal mainly dogs- possibly horses dependi...
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What is your favorite animal
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What is your favorite holiday?
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