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LIVE CLASSES! Topic:Horses
Ever wanted to take a class to learn about horses! Not a riding class,but to learn about even more! To learn "horsey" things! From Vocabulary to horses body parts and beyond ? Well here,you found the place! RIGHT HERE! On Qfeas...
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Animals Point Of View
Have you ever wondered what a pet or other animal was thinking? All you need to tell me is what type of animal it is and there general age and I will answer your questions as if I was that pet/animal. Example: Horse, age 7 :...
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Horse Knowledge
Do you have a issue horse?? Or do you just have a horse question?? Need horsey help??? I'm here to help. Feel free to Inbox me or post on this page any horse things that you need help with and I'll do my best to help you with y...
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The Horse Crazies
Do you LOVE HORSES ?? Do you own a horse,ride horses or are you just CRAZY 4 HORSES?? Either which way this is the page for you.... Share your horse pictures tell about your horsey adventures, like your first lesson or when yo...
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How to Handle/Train Pets
Hi, I'm kikizoey4me, and I'm here to give you tips and tricks to training pets. On my page I will share some ways of basic training. Now please be aware that I'm not a expert, but do have experience training and caring for ...
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