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Chapter 2.

Chap. 2 Family and Friends

Lyall and I heard the screams of him as they stabbed him in front of my mother. My mom cried, yelling, shouting his name over and over. We were all brought to the basement. I was locked in a room with a tiny window. Out the window was my mother, her hands were strapped behind her back to her feet. The next thing I knew was my that they were shooting her with arrows then releasing these smoke bombs. Which were filled with posion. I couldn’t stop yelling telling them to kill me not her. By the time they answered she was dead on the ground frozen in mid place. A man came up to the window and shouted at me: “You’re going to die with her!” A while later I smelt smoke. Lyall burst through the room next to me into mine. A fire arose, there was only one window in the basement. My brother pushed me forward, telling me to run away, telling me to never come back. I promised him I wouldn’t leave without him. That one day we would together. I reached for his hand trying to pull him up, but the walls were collapsing. The fire department was already in the driveway and my brother told me to run away again. I reached out for him one more time when he clawed my arm shoving me back, saying he could not be saved. A few days later I came back to find the house almost black and my parents bodies gone, but the blood still remained. My brother left nothing behind except a note in the wall, which he used his claw to carve. It read: Be safe forever. There’s one thing you must remember, ---------------, and,---- ---e. Some letters were hard to read.                 I woke up in a cold sweat, gasping for breath. A bright light shining in my eyes. I was in one of the beds in the house. Obviously someone saved me from the poison. The bright light was coming from a hole in the roof. I leaned over and looked at my leg, all healed. No wonder Mark left. I started to get up starving, and felt a sharp pain in my wrist. I was handcuffed to the side of the bed. “Trent!” I yell as he walks in. He leans against the door.

Trent Friday Night: After we left Tala, I headed home, running. My mom had been so worried she even called the cops.
“Mom. I’m fine!” I explain hugging her. She holds me tight.
        “Fine?” She says pulling a leaf out of my hair, and dusting mud off my shirt. “Where were you! And why didn’t you tell me where you went?”
        “I-” I’m cut off by a knock on the door. My mother casually opens the door smiling.
        “May I help you?” She says to the one police officer standing by the door.
        “Yeah. I got a call of a 123.”
        “123?” She asks gesturing her hand inside. As he walks in, he laughs.
        “A 123!” He snorts. “A 123 is a special code us at the station use, it means exaggerating parent. You see we get a lot of those calls, kids don’t come home or they don’t answer their phone, they just send one officer down to calm them down.”
        “Oh sorry, that was my-a” She pauses to think. “My sister called but her son is fine now.” She says overly giddy while putting a hand on my shoulder.
        “What exactly did my mom say when she called?” The police officer cracks up snorting and coughing.
        “This was a goody, she was screaming,” He clears to throat in order to make his voice super high soundly like my panicie mom. “My son! My son!” He squeals. “He didn’t come home! He could be hurt, kidnapped, missing, he may even be dead by now! Call the fire department, the mayor! Call someone!” After that super impression, he sits down on a dining room chair, slapping his leg while his face grew a bright red from laughing too hard. As my mom asks him to join her for coffee, I avoid any other communication and escape upstairs. I look at my phone, over 20 miss calls, all from Mark. As I dial his number it rings again.
        “What’s wrong!” I answer.
        “It’s about Tala...”
        “What you still think she’s a werewolf?”
        “Get on video chat, now!” I sit down and except his call. As it turns on a look at the screen to see a book that he’s holding up. “Look, this book says the name Tala means wolf!” He speaks quickly.
        “Why are you talking so fast and SHE’S NOT A WOLF!”
        “I could see it in her eyes, and on a full moon she’ll turn into a werewolf, or whenever her pulse rises! It’s all in this book! But we have to leave to her, NOW!”
        “I’ll tell you on the way! LEAVE NOW!” The call ended and I grab jacket and hurry outside. My mom was still talking the police officer. I leave a note on the door, sleeping over at Mark’s house. I meet him on the way to her house, he is running and I’m just walking. He tugs at my arm. “Go faster! She may be dead by the time we get their!”
        “Dead? is this a joke?”
        “So I looked up some stuff and a flower, Wolf’s Bane, is a poison for werewolves! And I thought it just knocks them out, but I did more research, and it actually kills them!
I pause still running. Staring at Mark’s face I realize how serious he is. Then I finally discover the how dangerous the situation is. If she really is a werewolf.... she could be dead! I speed up. At last, I arrive at the house Mark a little far back. Quickly running upstairs, trying to open the door where Tala was.
        “Tala!!!” I scream pounded on the door, ask falling off of it. I place my ear on the door i heard the creak of a floor board. I run up to door the door, slamming my body up on it. It felt like hours but Mark finally comes up the stairs and starts doing the same as me. Our shoulders hit the door first, sweat dripping off the tip of my nose, my hands were getting clammy. With one last effort, we both fall flat.
        “Do you think she’s....” Mark trails off. I refuse to hear his words. There was something about her, Tala. She was different- i got up, and felt around on the wall next to the door. When I felt a hard spot, I cracked my knuckles and twisted my neck around. Letting out a loud, long yell I punch through the wall. Then backing up and running into it. Foam, ash, dirt, and white flakes cover my body.
        “Hey!!!!!” I have no time to take a breath or brush off what is on me. Mark’s bag lays on the floor. Tala’s eyes are closed, and a man is holding her up starting to go out the window. He had black short hair a leather jacket but, his face is blocked by a shadow. I run at him and he throws a punch at me, sending me back flying at the door. My head is spinning but I manage to grab Tala’s arm pulling her towards me. The man leans forward trying to hold her arm again. But as he moves in the light he flings back, almost like he doesn’t want to be seen. He runs off, jumping out the window. Coming in through the gap in the wall Mark hurries in throwing his bag out of the window.
        “Is she ok?” Marks says pressing two fingers on her neck, “Still breathing.”
        “Tala?” I call looking at her movementless face. She rolls over,
        “Lyall...” She mutters under her heavy breath.
        “Let’s bring her into another room. Maybe there’s one with a bed.” I say picking her up. In a room across the hall, there was a small bed. I placed her in it, as Mark paced around the room.
        “What are we going to do now? We have a werewolf!”
        “But how do we really know?”
        “Hmm... let me think...” He says sarcastically. “Well, I almost killed her with a flower! And it almost worked! Her name means wolf! And she heals super quick!”
        “How do you know she heals fast?” Mark points to her leg, his hand over his mouth. I stare at her leg for a second then slowly start to lift up the bandage. The giant bruising, gash, and blood was no longer there. Just her leg. No mark or scar.
        “What if she’s dangerous?!”
        “You’ve got to be joking! You aren’t suggesting we interigate her, or lock her up like some animal!” Mark reaches into his pocket and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. “No!”
He locks one handcuff on the railing of bed, and he grabs her hand and locks it around her wrist. “Don’t those hurt!”
        “She heals!” He locks them tighter.

Tala Now:
        Trent stares at me then looks back at Mark who is behind him.
        “Why didn’t you tell us you were a werewolf!” He locked me up, and now he’s yelling at me.
        “Why did Mark try and kill me!!” I scream back as loud as I could. My pulse starts to rise. As soon as Trent turns around for a second to talk to Mark I rip off the handcuffs, and jumped up straight holding the ceiling, with my nails. Trent turns around,
        “Tala?” Suddenly i hear the door being pounded on, the hunters. I jump down, surprising Trent.
        “Get back!” I push them to the ground. They stay silent. Mark was barely even breathing then I realized my strong arm was crushing his lung....
        “Sorry.” I whisper as I drag them to the next room. Still quiet i say, “The hunters are here, stay down. They want me dead, and they will kill anyone who stands in their way.” Trent starts to speak but I shove them back with my hand over his mouth. “Get to the corner of the room!” I order.
        “We can help!” Trent literally screams.
        “Shhhh!” I command crouching down. “You can’t help they are strong, and why would I want you to! You tried to kill me, don’t underestimate me. Werewolves are much stronger than you think.”
        “So you admit it.” Marks says jumping into the conversation.
        “Yes. I’m a werewolf, please do not tell anyone the hunters and you are the only people who know. Now I’ll explain everything after as long as you keep a promise to-”
I’m cut off by a loud crack.
        “Tala....” A loud booming voice says from downstairs. “All I want to do is talk.”
        “He cannot know you’re here.” I mouth stepping out of the room. It takes most of my self control not to turn into a werewolf but i manage not to. I walk to the front of the stairs to find one hunter at the bottom.
        “All I want to do is ask you something.” The hunter says.
        “Put down the gun then we’ll talk.” He places down the gun slowly next to his left foot.
        “Same for you, put away the claws.” I look down at my hands to see my long sharp claws exposed. I haven’t fully changed but partially. I take a deep breath in. It actually takes four breathes to bring my claws back in. As I turn to look towards the hunter that I haven’t seen before, i get a glance at the door Mark and Trent are in. Their breathing is close by, so they probably have their ears on the door listening in.
        “Why should I even be talking to the likes of you! Your kind killed my family, and now your out to kill me!”        “You killed our kind too! You killed one of our most experienced hunters.” His voice slows. “Not all of us are brutal killers who kill every werewolf we see.”
        “I will not listen to your plea, to trick me into believing you murders have changed your ways, into thinking you are not heartless killers. You call us, blood thirsty emotionless monsters, who attack everything we see! Why shouldn’t I rip your throat out right now.”
        “What’s stopping you?” What was stopping me? I’m not a heartless killer with everyone... just with the hunters. It may be because Trent and Mark are watching through the creak of the door, but I’m still going to kill this hunter as a sign to the others to leave me in peace, or should I say pain without a family. I may not kill him maybe scare him off. I jump upward grabbing the ceiling. Then climbing up on a board making my way above the room Trent and Mark are in. Then quickly jump down. With my hands behind my back, (don’t want them to be scared by the claws) I whisper,
        “I’ll get rid of him stay here.”
        “You killed that man? And you are going to kill him aren’t you?” Trent says a little too loudly. I put my finger over my lip and jump back up again. The hunter pulls out the cross bow and shoots at me, I dodge with my fast reflexes but realize how he tricked me. He shot an arrow at me so I could dodge it, but it knocked me off the board. Stunned, I   stay down.
        “I came to warn you.” I restrain the urge to bite his face off and listen. “More werewolves are coming. Some are dangerous and they risk the lives of the innocent people who live in Hunts Valley. So I came here to warn you that in a few weeks, maybe even a month, the hunters will permanently eliminate every werewolf in the area starting with you.” So this hunter came here to warn me that he’s going to kill me?
        “Why did you come here then?” He starts walking up to me. That’s when I realize what’s going on. A trap. There are probably eight hunters outside hiding waiting for me the launch at him so they can shoot. Time to do something unexpected. I change in front of this weak hunter. Shift right in front of his eyes. My eyes glow blue, and I watch him as he readies his gun as I leap over him and burst out the door. I sniff the air, four hunters in the area. I turn around to see the hunter crossbow to my heart.
        “Don’t take a step closer or you’re dead! You hear me dead!” Lunging at him I fling his body across the room. Another hunter approaches, throwing a spear type thing at me. It’s coming right towards my head. I catch it in mid-air throwing it back at his leg. That hunter runs back, and so do the others yelling.
        “Go back! Go back!” The one with the injured leg runs away and shouts back at me,        “We will be back with the lead hunter your head will be on a platter.”
The hunter i threw at the stairs I pick up, light as a feather. I grab his arm throwing him out the door. Now for Trent and Mark. I swing around to see Mark and Trent at the top of the stairway. They both jump when they see my face. I know surprising to see a girl really long hair, light blue eyes, sharp fangs, super strength, and sharp claws. Mark responded to this well.
        “That. was. BOSS!” Mark shouts jumping in the air. As soon as I look at Trent’s face I turn back around again.
        “Trent don’t look at me that way.” I say whining a little.
        “What way?”
        “Like I’m an animal, I’m just protecting you, Mark, and myself.”
        “Sorry.” When I turn back around my eyes are green again and I’m normal.
        “Now it’s explaining time, you’re probably wondering why I beat up people, and turn into a werewolf....” I said smiling as I run up the stairs.
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It took me a super long time to write this and hopefully I can write more soon.
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on July 23, 2013
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