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Chapter 1.

Chap. 1 The beginings

Chapter 1 :

There are good people, there are bad people. That’s obvious. But how can you tell who’s who? You can’t just decide by looking at them. There are many perspectives, werewolves were the bad ones, evil ones. All werewolves think that hunters are the vile ones, all hunters think we are sinister. It’s not true. Werewolves are not what they say we are, you can’t spend your life worrying if you are going to survive. If you do, you’re as good as dead. The hunters will chew you up and spit you out. Correction they will not let you go, until you’re dead. Like I said it’s from different views. If I were a hunter, I’d think that werewolves weren’t all killers! We are not cold blooded, heartless, devilish, creatures who live to kill. Hunters lie. They are all the same. We only live because the hunters haven’t gotten to us yet. Or should I say me yet. I’m an Omega. Because of the hunters. My name is Tala and I’m a born werewolf.
        Nowhere is safe. The woods used to be, not anymore. You are always on alert for hunters. I’m forced to live in an abandoned home. Broken down. Wearing all black I slid out of the home. Hunting time. I kept low, like usual. Then I heard an ear piercing whistle. Werewolves senses are stronger, much stronger. I fell flat down.
        Her eyes were greenish blue and when she became a werewolf they turned a dark purple. Her hair grew longer. Her ears had a point. Claws broke through her skin, as her bottom and top fangs came out. They are so sharp if you touched them it would draw blood. As the hunters got their cross bows ready, Tala made sure her senses were working properly.
        I heard and felt the warmth of one of the hunter’s heavily breathing. I heard three heartbeats. One steady, the other two thumping soundly in my ears. I smelt the scent of Wolf’s Bane. A poison meant to kill.
        “OK. Tala, how long do you think you will last?” I kept quiet, trying to get the thought of ripping out his heart out of my mind.
        “It may be time to put you down.” The male lead hunter said. “Like a wild animal, that’s all you are. You should be locked in a cage.” They try to anger you, get you to snap at them. “You’re just a mishap.” Instead of growling I stay silent. “Oh you didn’t know? You led your family into that trap. And you watched them die. It was your fault!” Your fault. The words bounced in my mind. I launched at him snarling.
        “Did the heart beats trick you?” I stare at the three experienced trained hunters pointing their arrows at me. They shoot at once. All three arrows go into one leg.
        The pain of my leg being ripped open by a sharp arrow makes we let out a low whimper. I pull the arrows out and throw them back at them, one arrow hitting one hunter in the arm. Pulling out the arrows makes my leg feel better but it will take a little while to heal.  I run up and kick the main hunter in the side. He falls, gasping harshly. As I lunge at another hunter with black hair, I take a deep breath.                                
What am I doing? I’m not supposed to attack every hunter I see. They could kill me. I jumped right over the hunter who had fell to the ground and darted away. I ran past the home, past all the familiar tree’s. As soon as I notice I’m lost I transform back. I hear two people talking.
        “Where are you?” A young male says. A human? I don’t smell the scent of a werewolf. I’ve never been this close to town.
        “I’m over here. I think we are close to the house.” Another voice says back.
        “I don’t understand why you wanna go to the home where three people were murdered.” Three people? That’s my home. I hid behind a tree. I run to the next tree as quickly as I could without turning.
        “What was that!” He starts walking toward the tree.
        “I didn’t see anything.”
I can hear the cracking of leaves as one of them steps closer. I start to run off, when I’m caught in one of the hunter’s traps. I tight trap. Like a bear trap but it locks on much tighter. It grabs my foot and it’s not letting go. I try pulling it out, but it’s stuck. It’s caught on the same leg that was shot. I freeze. One of the boys walks around the corner and see’s me. He’s wearing a brown leather jacket a black shirt, and jeans. His eyes are green, and his hair is a blondish, brown. He stares, almost as shocked as me. I rip my foot out limping but I run off. Blood coming out of the gash.

“Mark!” I shout back. I couldn’t believe what I just saw. a girl with brown long hair. wearing all black. Greenish, blue eyes. She looked very scared and hurt as she ran off.
        “What is it?” Mark runs around the corner.
        “I saw a girl, she was in a trap or something.”
        “A girl? In the middle of the woods.”
        “I can prove it!” I crouch down pointing to the trail of blood.
        “We should go. It’s getting creepy.”
        “What about the girl?”
        “Trent. We’ll come back tomorrow. We got to go.”
I kept thinking about that girl. Who did that to her? Or was she watching us? I come home to my dad, surprisingly. I live with my mom, because my parents are divorced. I run up to my room. I lay down on my bed for less than a second then the phone rings.
        “Trent? That you?”
        “Yeah it’s me.”
        “Did you get a good look at that girl?”
        “Why, what are you going to do?”
        “We can see if she goes to our school, and if she’s not, she’s probably some homeless girl wandering the woods or something.”
        “I don’t know... she was bleeding.”
        “Just write down what she looks like. We’ll find her. But if it involves going back into the woods, count me out! The radio station I borrowed from the cops. It rang like twenty times talking about a code 8.”
        “Borrowed you mean stole? So what’s a Code 8?”
        “Murder. In the woods.”
He saw me! My leg was still stinging as I heard a loud snap. No! This can’t be happening! My bone must be broken. How am I going to hunt? Or more important how am I going to fight off the hunters. The cops may be searching the woods if I killed one of them. Please. Please, try and heal quickly. But I knew it wouldn’t. The bone was cracked, with humans, it will take them months to heal. It may take me five weeks. That’s enough time for the hunters to find me and kill me. Or enough time for those boys to tell someone about and.... well either way I’m probably dead. I need to find a doctor. For werewolves? I know I’ll be excepted into desperate packs if I’m wounded I have no choice but to stay here. Hopefully I’ll starve before anyone can kill me.
The next day at school Mark and I looked in last year’s yearbooks, and we searched the school for someone with brown hair, green eyes, and maybe a limp. Nothing. But I did hear a lot of talk around school,
        “Did you hear about the murder last night in the forest?”
        “The cops said a wolf attacked him.”
Stuff like that. At lunch I sat with Mark like usual.
        “Trent. Are you still going in the woods tonight?”
        “Of course I am! She may still be out there.”
        “But you said it yourself her leg was bloody, how do you think that happened?”
        “Someone probably hurt her!”
        “Or she got in a fight. She could be the killer.”
        “They said a wolf did it so either way I’m going out.”
        “Be careful, the cops are on patrol tonight.”
        “For the wolf?”
        “Yeah, but really take it seriously, I don’t want the werewolves to slaughter you before you give me the 20 bucks you owe me.”
        “Shut up.” Trent says, punching him in the shoulder.
When I got home, I grabbed my jacket and packed water, a ham sandwich, flashlight, Pocket knife (just in case) all in a backpack. And headed out without my mom seeing me. Especially because it was Thursday night and tomorrow I had school. I headed in the direction I saw the girl. I spotted the drag marks which lead to the house Mark and I were looking for. I held my flashlight in hand and the pocket knife in my other hand.
   I heard a creak on one of the boards from down stairs. My senses kicked in. I heard a stuttering "hello" and a heartbeat. My leg wasn't healing and I was bleeding badly. I hid in the next room and tried to hide in the dark corner. I saw the door knob turn slowly. I was going to die. The hunters were here. As the door opened I noticed who it was. That boy I saw in the woods. It was him. He ran towards me, and knelt down.
"Here let me help." He pulls out a bandage. "Is it ok if I put this on your wound?" I nod. I know I thought I couldn't trust anyone but I think he means well. The bandage was wrapped tightly. "I think your bones broken." He sits down next to me. "Here." He hands me a sandwich. I don't hesitate, I immediately start eating, I haven't eaten in three days. "I saw you the other night. What were you doing out there?" I shook my head. Not speaking. "I know someone who can help with your leg. Would that be ok if I brought them here?" I stay silent. He gets up and walks towards the door. I couldn't talk. I was speechless to be honest. I have barely spoken since my family was killed. As he opens the door I manage to get out,
          "No." He looks Back at me. "Please come back!" He is my only hope.
          "What were you doing in the woods?"
          "Fighting." He looks shocked. Like he was hoping I wasn't going to say that.
          "Don't hurt me. Or tell anyone about me."
          "I will not hurt you. But I have to tell one person if you want help." He says kindly.
          "As long as you come back." He promised.
          "I will be back tomorrow." I nod. He walks out. I felt so safe and calm around him. Like, I wouldn't turn around him. I just hope he comes back before the hunters.
         "I FOUND HER!!!!!!" I scream at the laptop just as the video chat box opens.
            "Really? Where!"
            "In the house we were looking for, shes really hurt."
            "Any signs of werewolfness?"
            "I'm serious!!! And I need you to come back with me tomorrow."
            "What did you tell her?"
            "That I would bring back someone who can help her."
             "I took one first aid course!"
             "Tomorrow we can just bring the first aid kit. Her bone is broken. And I think someone wants to hurt her."
              "Ok but I'm bringing Wolf's Bane."
              "Is that a poison for werewolves?"
              "Yes. And if it works, we know what to do."
               " Fine. But it wont work."
The next day I was so worried about her, she looked so scared when I saw her. Then I realized, I didn’t even know her name, how old she was, and even if she’s been to school. I had to ask some girls with they knew her. First I walk up to a ground of cheerleaders at lunch,
        “Do any of you girls happen to know a girl with long brown hair greenish, blue eyes?”
        “What’s your point?” Stacey says. Her Blonde hair waving as she rolls her eyes.
and I wander off to the next table. Football players, basketball stars, and some girls who I am a guessing are their girlfriends. I just decide to walk by, almost no ones seen here. As I walk by, John, the quarterback for two years in a row trips me.
        “Hey loser, what were you doing talking to my girlfriend?” John says. He has red hair, I think he looks like a clown but girls seem to like it.
        “If you ever even talk to my girl again, My fist will be in your face.”
A loud spreading “ohhhh” filled the cafeteria. John stands up and grabs the collar of my shirt.
        “I’ll ask you one more time, Williams. What did you say to her.” Silence. I don’t want him to find out about the girl.
        “By the end of the day, you better have told me!” He pushes me back, and walks off with the group at his table.                         During history I sat with Mark like usual.         
        “What happened with you and John?” Mark whispers as Mr. Call’s back is turned at the white board.
        “All did was ask some girls if they saw her?”
        “That girl?” I nod. “Don’t go around telling everyone about her, sooner or later another group of guys will be in the woods looking for her.”
        “I doubt that.”
        “A cute girl, alone in the woods, you’d be surprised at some guys in the school.”
Without even turning around Mr. Call bellows out to get everyone’s attention,
        “Maybe we should play a little game.” He draws something like hangman on the board. “Anyone like to guess a letter?” The guesses were terrible, letters like W, Z, X, Y, it was obvious no one wanted to get back to work. All he had was one arm to draw when he faces the class. “I’ll give everyone a hint, this person is disrespectful during class, loud and get’s very low test scores.” No one raises their hands, in history no one gets high test scores. “He is the noisiest whisperer ever to be in this class.” The whole class points to Mark, including me.
        “Dude!” Mark looks at me frustrated. I shrug.
        “Mark for talking in my class you have detention. As for the rest of you, school’s over, it’s Friday that means it’s a perfect time to STUDY!”
        “Now what am I going to do if you have to stay after school?” I saying piling my books in my arms.
        “I’ll meet you there in a hour.” As I walk towards the door, Mark grabs my arm.
“Am I really that loud?”
        “Louder than anybody in this class at least.”
        “That’s true I guess.” When I get in the hallway I just head right outside, hoping to head to the house in the woods. As I step outside John grabs my arm.
        “So, you wanna tell me what you were talking to Stacey about.”
        “Fine you want to know!” The group of football players leans in closer. “The murder in the woods!” Before he can reply with a comment of disbelief I slip away. I sigh in relief. Good thing he can’t tell if I’m lying or not.
            I headed straight on a hiking trail then turned left. The drags marks were still there but almost fully covered with new falling leaves. As I arrive at the house I finally get a clear look at it. The house was a very faded white. The paint was peeling off the sides and the house was small the upstairs where she was, looked like an attic. It probably was. I opened the door slowly immediately heading upstairs. She was in the same room in the corner.

Tala: I was so surprised he actually came back. He walked in and sat down next to me again.
            "How's your leg feeling?" He asks his voice soft.
            "Better than before." I say sitting up. My leg feels much better actually. I knew that would happen. Werewolves heal faster, but Wolf's Bane can change that all. It can kill.
             "My friend will be here in a little while, he'll look at your leg." I slightly nod.  "While we wait, can I ask you some questions?" I pause. Questions? What does he mean by that? But still he has been helping me.
              "Do you live here?"
              "Yeah. For a while now."
              "All alone?"
              "I’ve been all alone for months living here. But some people hate people like me."
               "What do you mean?" He asks. I look at him straight the the eye.
               "Many people want me dead." Once I’ve realized I’ve gone to far I change the subject.
               "I think I can try and stand up." Leaning against the wall I slowly slide upward. I take one step forward and suddenly crouch holding my right leg a little above my ankle.
                "Here. I'll help." I wrap my arm around his neck and he basically drags me across the room."
                "It still hurts. Maybe I should just stay down." And with that I'm lowered to the corner again breathing heavily. "Thank you. You have been the first person in a while who has helped."
                  "you needed help."
                  "What's your name?" I ask leaning back.
           "Trent. And I'm 16. A sophomore." A loud creak fills the room. I glare at the door. Trent stood up and leaned his head against the door.
        “Trent?” A shaky voice calls from downstairs. Trent quickly opens the door and calls down.
        “Up here!” He turns towards me, “That’s Mark he can take a look at your leg.”
A boy the same size as Trent walks in shocked to see me. He has black hair short. He’s wearing a light green shirt, and his eyes are a dark brown.
        “Hi. I’m Mark.” He says walking in and opening up his bag. “Here.” He says handing me a blanket, a water bottle, and an apple.
“Thank you.” I say sitting up, trying to act like I’m in much pain as possible, I try to moan, hold on to my leg and act in pain. My leg is healing faster and faster. I also try to look with both him and Trent small and weak. Not strong in any way. 

Especially since he put that bandage on me. “I’m Tala.” I say to both Mark and Trent. As soon as I laid my eyes on Mark I got a strange vibe. He didn’t seem like he trusted me, and I didn’t trust him. Trent looks at the bag that Mark has put down then at me. Trent begins to talk Mark about his parents or something. But I notice Mark opens the lid of his bag and he won’t stop staring at me. I try not to look into his eyes, some people can tell if you are a werewolf. I’m not sure how... I’ve only seen one before. All I knew is that they had a sixth sense about these sort of things, I know they all know about wolf’s bane. Most are born to be hunters, some help. I begin to stare at the bag. I begin to sweat, badly. My pulse begins to rise, when that happens it usually means I’m going to turn. Then it slows down. Very slow. I began to breathe heavily and slowly. My arms start to shake and my leg ache. My head feels like it’s on fire. I slouch back.
“My mom just texted me, we have to go, now.” Trent says picking up his bag and walking out the door. I watch helplessly, barely able to move.
“Coming.” Mark says about to pick up his bag when Trent calls back,
“Before you go, check out her leg!” Mark’s face hasn’t softened as he lifts the bandage up. He jumps back when he pulls up the bandage.
“What is she....” He mumbles under his breath. He quickly runs out of the room, forgetting his bag. As soon as he leaves I start to cough, then just go silent. I can’t move very well. The whole room is blurry and I know exactly what caused it. With every ounce of strength I have left I reach for the bag fumbling. I feel around in the bag slowly I can tell I’m moving very slowly. My hand goes numb and it falls down to the floor knocking over the bag. All the contents spill out. I lay my eyes on only one thing. Wolf’s bane. A purple flower...poison for werewolves. just being around it makes you feel sick. But what the Wolf’s Bane was in made it worse. It was in a container that crushes the flower, and sprays it in the air. I was finally able to turn on my back. My eyes are just barely able to close.                        
I don’t recall opening my eyes. Only remembering a dream. I vision of the past. It was the day my family was killed. Me my mother, father, and brother lived in this very house. But it was beautiful then, a green garden in front, the walls a freshly painted white. It all started that morning, I was hunting with my brother, Lyall. Lyall had brown hair like me. He was taller than me but by a little, he had almost orange eyes. He was protective and wise. when we were hunting two hunters came out of nowhere. They threatened to kill us. My brother grabbed my arm we both ran, as fast as we could. As we dashed I told him we should go back to the house and tell our parents, but he thought we shouldn’t lead them home. We were going to go through with his plan but I dragged him home. Before we could even tell our parents dozens of hunters burst in. My parents were brought to one room and I was brought to another and so was Lyall. As we waited, locked up like animals we knew we couldn’t fight them. We all knew they wouldn’t spare us. Father tried to fight them back, fend them off.
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