Lover Or Murderer?

Lover Or Murderer?

well guys this is what I have so far on the jtk story.. I need some feedback.. should I keep writing? :)

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Chapter 1.

new house~

     It was barely six (A.M.) when I finally woke up.
               "Oh geez, I'm so late.." I grabbed my tank top and skinny jeans and tiredly ran into the bathroom to get ready.
               "Aron hurry up were leaving in ten minutes!" My mom called from downstairs.
      I opened the bathroom door and started down the stairs.
               "Comin' mom, where's my suitcase?"
               "Oh, its right by the door." Mom said across the hall.
      I grabbed the suitcases and put them into the trunk of the family van.
               "Aron! Wait!" My best friend came running into me, and hugging me.
               "Oh marry, I'm so gonna miss you!" I said sadly embracing my friend.
               "Where are you moving again?" She questioned.
               "Somewhere in Rhode Island I guess.." I sighed.
               "Well you better call me every day!" she giggled.
               "Of course.. and email and text." I joked.
               "Hate to interrupt sweetie but, we gotta get going." My mom said.
               "BYE ARON!!!!!" Marry waved and smiled wide, as I piled in the van with my parents.
         Waving goodbye to our old house and Marry, we drove to the new town and the new house I didn't know.
       We pulled into the smooth cemented driveway of our new house, and I was nervous.
               "So Aron what do you think?" My step dad asked.
               "Its cool I guess.." I sighed.
         Climbing out of the van I grabbed my suitcases.
                "Go on and pick a room honey, there are five to choose from." mom advised.
                "Ok thanks." I trudged into the huge new house.
              I begun to walk up the stairs, looking through all the rooms, big and small.
           Till finally I came to a room that I liked which was painted red, which was my favorite color.
         I placed the suitcases on a big vanity dresser with a big mirror, and started to unpack.
              After I was done unpacking, my mother came into the room.
                "Dinner is in a half an hour."
                "ok thanks mom." I answered.
          When my mom left, I took out my cellphone and dialed Marry's number.
                "Hello?" she answered.
                "hey it's me, Aron."
                "Oh hey! how's it going so far?"
               "I don't know.. I'm just nervous that's all."
               "Oh Aron, you'll be fine I bet you'll make a bunch of friends at your new high school."
               "Thanks, I hope so-"
               "Mary I gotta' let you go my phone is dying."
               "Ok call me soon miss you!"
               "You too bye Marry." I said hanging up.
             I plugged in the charger, and started charging the phone.
            I layed onto my new bed, then falling asleep.
             I woke up to the sound of my step dad yelling from downstairs that it was time for dinner and to come down stairs.
             I walked down the long stairway and down into the dining room, were there was a plate of spaghetti waiting for me.
               As I was eating, my parents were talking about how exciting it was to be at a new high school, and that my first day was tomorrow.
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Comments (11)

Add some more chapters please add lke 30 in your own time no rush tho! promise!
on August 04, 2016
it's great but I don't think Creepypasta is supposed to be a love story. I am not trying to sound like a hater in all but that's MY opinion. Great story. keep that in mind.
on June 17, 2016
Good so far...Haven't read other ones yet!
on February 13, 2014
This is really really good!
on December 26, 2013
This is amazing!
on September 01, 2013
This is awesome!
on July 20, 2013
no no guys of course im making more its not finished! :3
on July 17, 2013
That was actually a really good story, Mary. I really want you to make 4. Do it!!!
on July 16, 2013
is that good =___=
on July 15, 2013
K well i guess imma make more then... sweet xD
on July 14, 2013
Got that right Im a murderer
on July 14, 2013