Wonder-Book #1 Mysterious Island

Wonder-Book #1 Mysterious Island

This is a short story that I have wrote. I choose the title wonder because I want People to think " wonder? I gotta read this Story." So read away go ahead.

published on June 22, 201313 reads 6 readers 2 not completed
Chapter 1.


"MOM!", Maria called out. What do you want, answer
Her mom Judy. Maria is just a normal 12 year old girl
Who loves to explore new things. Mom, can you tell me
About this book called the island is mysterious island?
Cried Maria. Sure honey, replied Judy. As Judy began
Telling Maria about the island, she said," Maria mysterious
Island is an island that NO ONE had ever discover before.
Legends know that it has been an island that once sank into
The ocean and came back again. Seen Maria likes to explore,
She is eager to find mystery island.
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Comments (2)

really good! UR a talented writer
on April 24, 2014
Wow! So touching. Lol it's an awesome story!
on June 24, 2013