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best day ever!
my 1st day of middle school! i love using my locker. COMBINATION LOCKS!
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it's time to say good bye
:important: please read. Dear qfeasters, it's Ali here or kyliecharm. I hope I will be missed because I will be leaving Qfeast for a couple of weeks. 3 weeks maybe. I have only 2 more days so you can do all your m...
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My One Direction Story
This is a story of how I became obsessed With one direction and how I used to like From Liam to Zayne. Zayne to Harry. Harry To Niall. And Niall to Louis. So I love Louis. For now...
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How I found
This is a story how I found And how I became obsessed with this And did not bother to look at my other Searches
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Wonder-Book #1 Mysterious Island
This is a short story that I have wrote. I choose the title wonder because I want People to think " wonder? I gotta read this Story." So read away go ahead.
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The story of Danielle Bradbery
The winner of the voice, 16 YEAR OLD DANIELLE BRADBERY! She has been the Youngest to vet win the voice! She AMAZING!
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I love, LOVE
This is a poem about love. Not a lot of people love love Just because they think it's Disgusting. It's not. It's love And love is LOVELY.
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