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Qfeast still exists? (Not literal lol)
Okay so basically I joined qfeast in 2012 and I managed to log back in fricking 5 years later and OH MY LORD. i'm 15 now and LMAO. Just look at this picture and look at the pictures I used to post on my account. Brb gonna look ...
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what is the best way to stop bullying?
hi guys please help me. i am doing a bullying project and i need help on how to stop bullying. include any other informations as much as possible. thanks and include why people bully and the effects of bullying, why people are ...
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does anybody know the game candy crush saga?
I play candy crush saga. if you have Facebook, you can connect to it and in the game, you can ask friends for life and ticket. you get 5 lives everyday. I am ADDICTED to it. and so is my other friends.
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who's watching teen beach movie?
it's the new movie that came out today and I am watching it!
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who has their own laptop/computer?
my mom is giving me my Dad's really old laptop that I broke one of the keys before. but now she is not because my stupid dad couldn't find the DVD for it and the help paper. just wondering if you have your own laptop.
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What is the most attractive band?
Is it one direction, maroon 5, big Time rush, gym class heros, The wanted or R5? I prefer maroon 5 But I love one direction songs. Which one do u prefer?
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What should I get on my 12th birthday?
I am going to middle school and is turning 12 Years old. What should I get on my birthday. I want an iPhone of course but is there anything Better than an iPhone?
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Advice for middle school?
I just came out of elementary school and If you are in middle school, I need advice. Like how many flu shots to you get or do you Use pen or pencil most. And when you go to Gym, do you need to go to the girl's locker Room a...
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what school do you go to?
im goung to cockeysville middle school on august
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What do u think of Ariana's dress?
Do u think this dress is hot or peppy?
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When was the first time you had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
How old are you now and when was the first time you had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
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What is the most important thing to you?
I was just asking. What IS the most important thing to you? What do you love to do? Or what is going on that you really like Doing? Is it being happy?
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What is the girl's real name huh?