The Ant and Steph Show Episode 8

The Ant and Steph Show Episode 8

Episode 8 of the series. This is where we answer questions asked by readers. So here we go

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"Ask us the questions"

"Ask us the questions"

Me: Hello and welcome to episode 8 of the show!! I am your host, Anthony. With me is my co-host Stephanie.
Stephanie: This is a very special episode where we will answer some questions sent in by readers.
Me: Ok, first question is by Harry.Loves.Me and it reads "What is your favorite animal, food, and color. This question is for Ant." Well my answer to you is a crocodile, spaghetti, and red.
Stephanie: Oh boy... you read this one.
Steph hands me the paper.
Me: Ok, this one reads "Why do people read this show? I find it to be very lame and so cheesy. The fact that XXxSilentHopexXX and WWEChampion20 would team up and do this, shows how lame they are. Why don't you quit the show since you have so few viewers? - MariaJohnson52."
Steph: She is such a bitch.
Me: My answer to you Maria is that our show is for fun. Whether we have 2 readers of 200 readers, the show will go on. I have up to episode 20 on paper and with no end in sight. The fact that you call us lame because we teamed up, shows that you have no life, no friends, and are still a virgin. The fact that your profile pic is fake and you insult my sister for nothing, just shows how much of a witch you are.
Steph: I agree with Ant. You need to try to be nicer to people. Life is too short to hate and you will get yourself banned from qfeast. If you are nicer, you'll get more friends.
Me: Tak to me if you want. Im always open to a new friend. I don't judge people for who they are.
Steph: Ok This one is from Bella101. It reads "So far the show has been great, but I haven't seen alot of humor. Could there be more humor to it? I mean it is under the humor catagory... I love the show, i just think more humor could and should be added to it. Thank you, Bella."
Me: Well Bella, yes, I am working on more humor. (Whispers) Just wait till the Pinhead (Hellraiser) episode. (Normal talk) Yes, the show needs work. If you got any suggestions, feel free to let us know. Thank you.
Steph: Always looking for improvement Bella.
Me: Ok this next question I wasn't going to read, but I am because I have something to say to the person who sent it in. It reads "Hello douche bags. Have have a question for you both. So you think I could beat up Sempiternal from qfeast? Her real name is Sorinne and I hate her. Please respond so i can tell the bitc.h off... Alice101."
Steph: She is such an attention hog. You know, I think Sorinne could kill you.
Me: You know, I had an answer for this question... I think Sorinne could whoop your ass physically and verbally. The fact that ever since you met Steph, you have caused us both pain. People on qfeast hate Sorinne because they find her mean. She isn't mean, she just tells it how it is. YOU on the other hand are a cruel, heartless woman who needs her mouth to stop running. Sorinne could kill you and I hope she does. Matter of fact, who ever kicks Alice off of qfeast gets a free episode all about them. Sorinne is more mature than you. Stephanie is better than you in every single way possible. Even Bella hates how far you have gone with all your crap. To answer your question... Sorinne would fuck your shit up backwards. Sorry, but Alice you will now be made fun of on this show as much as possible.
Steph: And now, people of qfeast, if you have any questions, please comment them or message WWEChampion20 with your questions. We are more than happy to answer them.
Me: And if we dont know the answer, we will find the answers.
Steph: Now then.
Stephanie pushes a button on the chair and a bucket of ice cold water dumps on me. I almost jump out of my chair.
Me: THIS IS COLD!!!!! (Shivers and falls to the floor)
Steph: (laughing) Thats all for this episode, bye!
Steph waves as I shiver on the floor. The show goes off the air.
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Comments (5)

** Alice not Bella
on May 17, 2013
Cool show!
Why do anyway use comments from MariaJohnson and Bella? They don't deserve to be on an awesome show like this!
on May 17, 2013
@XXxSilentHopexXX Agreed LOL
on May 10, 2013
fav books/ movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on May 07, 2013
Lol wow
on May 06, 2013