Jack Talks Episode One

Jack Talks Episode One

This is the first episode of the talk show called "Jack Talks" Where my character from "The Unleashed" and I will interview characters from all sorts of stories, shows, movies... If you have any requests, just comment them and they may or may not be interviewed... Most likely they will.

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Jack Talks "Stephanie"

Jack Lee: Hello there. My name is Jack Lee. I am your host and this is "Jack Talks." Here is my co-host, Anthony A.K.A. WWEChampion20.
Me: Hello people. We are going to start this show by interviewing my best friend. She is my sister. Without a doubt the nicest person on this planet... Stephanie Becker!!!!
(Stephanie comes out and sits on the couch. She waves to me.)
Me: Hello Steph, welcome to the show.
Stephanie: Thanks for having me as your first one.
Me: Since i know you personally, Ill asl the first question.
Stephanie: Ok
Me: What is your middle name?
Stephanie: My middle name is Jane.
Jack: Nice, and what are your hobbies?
Stephanie: Writing, Dancing, Listening to music, and watching horror movies.
Me: What is your favorite song? Movie? Group/band?
Stephanie: My favorite song is um... "So happy I could die" by Lady Gaga, "Look who's standing Tall," By Bosshouse, and "Lights out" by Hollywood Undead. My favorite movie is Hellraiser. My favorite boy group is Mindless Behavior.. My favorite band is Shinedown.
Jack: What do you do in your spare time?
Stephanie: Write and listen to music?
Me: If someone hit one of your friends, or you, what would you do?
Stephanie: I would fight back, I mean, I aint just gonna sit there and take the beating. When someone throws the first punch at me, I start swinging back at their asses. Dont think I wont because I will. I can be your friend or I can be your enemy, either way its your choice. Now if someone hit my friend, I would watch to see if my friend hits back. If they dont, I will jump in it then.
Jack: If you could fight one person, who would it be?
Stephanie: Hmmmm... Bahja from OMG girls.
Me: What are your thoughts on Alma Wade?
Stephanie: Creepy.
Me: This answer should be interesting... If you were alone with Pinhead, what would you say/do?
Stephanie: (smiles with joy) HEHE!!! I'd tell him I love him and lets get it on!!!
(Stephanie and I laugh out loud for a minute.)
Jack: Seeing that you and my co-host are close... What are your thoughts about Anthony?
Stephanie: He is very sweet, caring, helpful, and a good friend. (smiles at me)
Jack: If anything happend to Anthony, what would you do?
Stephanie: Depends... what happend?
Jack: What if he was heartbroken or hurt or if you lost him?
Stephanie: I would help him if he was heatbroken or hurt. If he... well if i lost him I would cry, go to his funeral, and thats it.
Jack: What do you like best about Anthony?
Stephanie: His personality
Me: Any further comments? Anything you wanna say?
Stephanie: No not really.
Me: Thank you Stephanie for being our first guest.
Stephanie: My pleasure bro.
Stephanie gets up, i walk over and we hug. Stephanie then walks off and the show ends.
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on April 26, 2013
How can u post this and not the first chapter of my story ur writing
on April 26, 2013
on April 25, 2013