I don't have the courage to ask my crush out!

I have liked this guy in my class, and I don't really have the courage to ask him out. Any ideas? To make matters worse, this really annoying, nose picking peeve was listening to a conversation me and my friend were having and probably heard us talking about our crush (we both like him). we still talk, and he has a crush on me. HELP!

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You've gotta summon up the couarge somehow
no one fell in love without being a little brave
You shouldn't care about what people say you like who you like and it's none of their buisiness.

Also just a side note, you should probably make sure that your crush doesn't ruin your friendship, because people who like the same person usually end up as rivals.

But honestly I'm in the same position as you
minus the person who overheard your conversation.
Ok, thanks.
on September 28, 2015
on September 28, 2015
Unsure of how to confess your love to someone? Try this:

Acquire several dozen limes.
Go up to them and then drop all the limes.
Start picking them up, but keep dropping them. The clumsier you look the better.
Keep doing this until you have their attention (this could take up to thirty minutes).
Finally gather up the limes. Try looking a bit sheepish.
Look them deeply in the eyes and say, “Sorry. I’m bad at Pickup Limes.” See More▼
on November 04, 2015
on October 28, 2015