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I don't have the courage to ask my crush out!
I have liked this guy in my class, and I don't really have the courage to ask him out. Any ideas? To make matters worse, this really annoying, nose picking peeve was listening to a conversation me and my friend were having and ...
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Have u had any weird dreams?
I was just wandering, hav you guys had any weird dreams? I had one last week which was just messed up. So, I went to school with no pants on, and a girl lent me some. We went to after school care, and did a history test. Someho...
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When will I get my first period? (4)
Hi guys! I am 11 years old and I have almost all of the symptoms. Here they are!: Hair: under my armpits, I have blonde, thin hair. Down there, I have dark, thick hair, and I have so much it looks like a forest! I and getting ...
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