What are your thoughts on people with unnatural hair durning a dance recital?

What are your thoughts on people with unnatural hair durning a dance recital?

I go to a small dance school that does dance "for fun". So there's no competition. I am currently in the Jr High classes. The dance teacher uses the highschool class for advertisement, (like putting their dance photo in the news paper to advertise).
I dye my hair on a healthy basis. (About every two months). Most of the time the color is unnatural. Now I won't do just highlights, or just tips, I'll do my WHOLE head.
I'm moving up next year to Highschool classes, and I was told, face to face, by the dance teacher herself that I cannot dye my hair next year for recital and pictures. I don't mind that because highschool class is the one she wants to seem proffesional. Well my previous class, she told me she doesn't want me dying my hair something unnatural for recital because "it'll put all the attention on me and not the other dancers".
Now, my younger brother is also apart of my dance class, and to be honest, the first thing I notice in the dance pictures isn't my unnatural hair, but my younger brother. Because he's the only boy in the class.
And I watch the recital afterwards when the DVD of its finished to see how I looked. The first thing I didn't notice was me, but the girl across the stage a few beats slow!
I dunno, what are you guys thoughts on people in dance photos or participating in dance recitals with their whole head of beau an unnatural color?

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Usually it's because she wants everyone in uniform. Same costume, etc. Colored hair would be breaking that rule.

I see no problem with it. We have people of different colors, different genders, different sizes. Hair color is just the one thing she's allowed to be picky about.
on August 03, 2015
She doesn't have the right to control you....
on April 25, 2015