Do I need to stop complaining?

I complain all the time. My mom says I'm being negative and it's stressing her out. It also stresses my father out. I know how annoying I'm being, but I just feel like all the weight of the world (or at least the USA) falls upon me. Such as the gay marriage debate. Luckily, it's legal in Maine, but not in all of the states. I feel like I can't die happy unless all of the states have it legal. I feel like everyone should be equal and it's up to me to make sure of that. I don't know who to talk to - it stresses my parents out, my sister just agrees with everything I say (or she tells me to shut up), I get too riled up and disrespectful on Qfeast, and no one reads my diary. I want to make my voice heard. If anyone is willing to debate (and isn't extra sensitive), please tell me, because I want someone to yell at XD
Just kidding, I won't yell at you. I would just debate and try to be respectful. If I am ever disrespectful, please let me know. Say, "That was kind of offensive/mean." or something, please. Whenever I get angry, I start letting loose all of my bullets and I can't see who I'm hitting until I'm calm again, and then I'm like, "Whoa, did I really say that?" So if you are really sensitive or cry at the drop of a hat, I suggest you don't debate with me.

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on April 10, 2015
I'm okay with whatever theories you want to talk about, I like hearing them.
on November 05, 2016