how do i ask her out?

well im in the indianapolis children's choir, and a few girls there have a crush on me. but i really like this one girl, she's always talking to me when she has the chance, she always hugs me after a concert or rehearsal, so last night she put her arm around me and said, im you're bae right? i said yeah i guess she said good. so i told her good bye guess we had to go. the reason i like her is because of her beautiful eyes and beautiful long hair. and she's a fun girl. but how do i ask her out? i never asked a girl out before, usually when i get a girlfriend i don't ask her out, we just do it. and i really wanna ask her out by this saturday. cause this is the last time i will see her until january 15th

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Alsk her out somewhere quiet and romantic. (Girls just love that)
on September 16, 2015
Small relationship I had this before
on January 06, 2015
Well first of all those girls weren't actually your "girlfriend" because in order to have one you have to ask them out.

Second of all, if you really like her and she likes you back then why be nervous? She's gonna say yes.
Yeah I guess
on December 19, 2014
on December 18, 2014