When will I get my first period? (4)

Hi guys! I am 11 years old and I have almost all of the symptoms. Here they are!:

Hair: under my armpits, I have blonde, thin hair. Down there, I have dark, thick hair, and I have so much it looks like a forest! I and getting ping dark hairs on my arms and legs as well
Mood: I have mood swings all the time, and get mad over small things
Boobs: I wear a size A, and my boobs a VERY tender.
Genes: my mum got hers when she was 13, but I think I will get it sooner cos I am maturing early.
Weight and height: I weigh 40 kg, and gained about 7 kg this year. I am 150 cm, and have grown about 5 inches this year.
Discharge: I have a manageable amount, but it doesn't ruin my underwear.
Other: I get VERY tired, and VERY VERY VERY hungry. I also have acne (pimples), I get cramps, lower back pains and headaches.
I heard that when you are about to get your period you pee a lot. I peed 13 times today. I also heard that you get gassier around your period. Let's just say my but is a stink bug!
Can you please answer this?! Please don't post stuff like "you don't want it", cos I don't want it I just want a general idea of when I will have it so I know if it will happen in the school year.
Thnx, gcris12

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Most people get it around when there mom does
on September 28, 2015