Can STD tests be wrong?

I'm 16 and female. In March I lost my virginity, I got a chlamydia test which came back and said I had chlamydia. I got treated and it's now gone. I also went to the clinic 2/3 months ago to be tested for gonorrhea, genital herpes and genital warts, the results came back and said I was clear. I was wondering if it may be wrong.... Because last night I noticed two spots on the outside of my vagina, like, on the 'lips' and they may just be spots but then I over-think things and now I'm worried it's herpes or warts or something. I've not had sex since that one time when I lost my virginity by the way.

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Get it checked again love (Just in case)
on February 22, 2016
check with a gynecologist before just using tests
and always always use a condom even if he's pulling out
on November 14, 2015
Umm they could be warts because you are never too sure about it. And ur age seems pretty young to be losing ur virginity but please check with tot doctor to see if it us or not genital herpes or warts
on December 17, 2012