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Cute matching pfp's >w<
Most of these r prolly gonna be couples matching pfp's so yea that's pretty much it💅
4 subscribers 1 member
justa page
Justa page.. you wanna know more? why? It's literally justa page! WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE!?
3 subscribers 1 member
Gamer Club ChatRoom
Okay to be in the Gaming club you need to send membership requests :)
0 subscribers 5 members
Support group for @SadisticLover
HELP! their going through something and we need to keep them here! Please help me support them and help them
9 subscribers 4 members
I love my friends
a page for appreciating your friends! what do ya do? simple! just write down what you love about them, what they could work on, and how dorky/nerdy they are! Simple Silly Fun!
7 subscribers 1 member
the friend page
it's a great page to get friends! you can hang out with friends and family! have fun! ps: no rules
1 subscriber 4 members
A Commpliment A Day Keeps The Depression Away
This page is for positivity only! Compliment other users here and watch how you make them smile. The only rule is, if your complimented, you must compliment the person who complimented you back. Have fun! <3
10 subscribers 1 member
Active Qfeasters United
People come and go on this site. But there are many that stay. This is a page for those who have stayed throughout it all.
11 subscribers 1 member
Long Live The Queen!
Post memes or pictures of the queen. Idfk why I made this. I'm thirsty for rep points.
6 subscribers 1 member
Thoughts for those injured and killed in Manchester 22/05/17
This is a page where you can post your thoughts to those injured and/or killed in the Manchester Terrorist attack at Ariana Grande's concert on 22/05/17. May those killed Rest In Peace ❤
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My Undertale Fan Group! (Must be a member to join)
So, first you have to follow me. Then you have to like Undertale And you must be a member because of trolling problems
5 subscribers 11 members
Cool People
Tell everyone cool people to you. do it do I do it do It do it do it! Tell us it all! They could be your besties. But please tell us why,,, there sooo cool!
0 subscribers 1 member
Siblings Forever
If you have a siblings then upload or post or both about you and your siblings or sibling
0 subscribers 1 member
For all the returnees to revisit friends from 2014 Anyone can post but I would like to keep membership to people from my era
8 subscribers 1 member
How did you meet your best friend?
This page is dedicated to sharing the story of how you met your best friend. Pretty self-explanatory.
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Happy father's day sunday june 19th
this is a page when u talk about what u are going to do with ur daddy! i hope u have a great day
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Yuki5 chatpage
this is a page for my friends and people I like. PS. NO FIGHTING ALOWED ON THIS PAGE
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notes to your crush,girlfriend, or boyfriend
this is a page were u can right little not or letters to ur girlfriend,crush,boyfriend just always be nice about it
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Friendship Group
All people can go on this page, post whatever they want, as long as it's appropriate and kind. :)
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Weird facts about ourselves.
Ya know because why not? The title says it all so tell your weird facts.
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