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Elvis Presley appreciation page
y’all need to improve your tastes in music lmao elvis is actually amazing, this is a page to appreciate our king of music ❤️
4 subscribers 1 member by chesspacito
Every School Has...
You know those people— Whether they be teachers or students— that every school seems to have? Post them here, and if you like, comment someone that pops into your head
7 subscribers 1 member by chesspacito
a page dedicated to when pentatonix replaces bitch with mitch
exactly what the title says. do i really need to say any more here lmao
2 subscribers 1 member by chesspacito
Cards against Humanity!
Come play Cards Against Humanity with meee. I’ll post the links to games here if anyonand s interested— (pLEASE be interested, i want to playyy)
11 subscribers 1 member by chesspacito
Find pics of candy and post them here I eat candy often so idrc if u eat candy alot.
0 subscribers 1 member by Zoey.1
Band Kids Cult
If you’re a band kid come here. Talk about band, show us your instruments and uniforms and stuff, hold the Orchestra kids hostage and sacrifice them to the band gods, all the normal band kid stuff.
2 subscribers 3 members by NiaLaBeada
this is for u people like me alone talks to yourself even cut urself sum well, here we can become friends i'll start i love reader lemons
3 subscribers 2 members by emocreepypastaqueen
If u are flexible join me in creepy flexible things! I'm super flexible!
4 subscribers 2 members by Zoey.1
pics of Queen
holy shit Roger Taylor is so fine and Brian May is so handsome and Freddie Mercury is so cute and John Deacon iS SUCH A DAD
6 subscribers 1 member by temperance
Place for those who play an instrument.
If you play an instrument, come join this page. And do whatever you feel like doing music related
7 subscribers 1 member by King_of_Derps
TOP Trench Theories
Who’s Clancy? What Does The Vulture Have To Do With Anything? What Do Each Bishop (Singularly) Represent? Place You Theories On The Trench Album )By Twenty Øne Piløts) Here
0 subscribers 1 member by Number1Pro
Qfeast Superlatives
Basically just a Q superlative page because it seemed like a thing to do. I’ll post a category list, you nominate people, I’ll post polls.
6 subscribers 1 member by chesspacito
Edgy Beans and Metal Memes
I know there are metalheads on this site, show yourselves! Basicaly just a page for metal shitposting.
4 subscribers 1 member by Damien_Is_Dead
Brea *TRIES* giving Twirling Lessons
Imma try some lessons on twirling if anyone’s interested? I don’t see why not, it seems like a thing to do
2 subscribers 1 member by chesspacito
Song Lyrics That Represent You
Are there any song lyrics that represent you or your overall mood? I know there are a lot for me.
3 subscribers 1 member by Casual_Red
Hamilton fan club
Yes I made this a thing so rules: Become a member to join I’m the president
0 subscribers 3 members by Tomsharpoons
Panic at the disco fan club
This is where us patd fans will come together rules: .become a member to join .i am the leader of this fan club .no sing of the other bands in this club Thank you!
3 subscribers 6 members by Tomsharpoons
Emo Memes (For Some Reason)
Just Freaking Deal With It, Okay. Twenty Øne Piløts Is Considered Emo Here Emo "Things"; Bands (MCR, P!ATD, FOB, TØP Etc), Content Creators (CrankThatFrank, Jessie Peige, Evalinge DeMuro,) etc
6 subscribers 1 member by Number1Pro

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Nias Peaceful Page Of Persistent Positivity
he’s got pOSITOOVITY— Okay that’s enough of me being a musical nerd. Basically just compliment each other and be positive and stuff
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MMD Photo Sharing Page
This Is Where You Can Post Rendered To Photo File MMD Scenes And Talk About MMD
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