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Mae and I are making a gay band with gay drum majors and a gay director, come join our gay band
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Depression Lyrics
I love finding new songs that retain to me. This page will allow me that. Shoutout to my friend @TylerWay for helping Love these bands.
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The Marching Band Blog
This is basically a page for all of my fellow band geeks on here; This includes drum majors and colour guard as well! This page is to blog about band, tell all of your band camp stories, to provide tips for other marching band ...
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who likes 21 pilots?
so just dorking around and made this sorry to those who this offends give 1 good reason to take this down and I will ok
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Brea's Bandy Stuffs
Band pickup lines, band memes, band jokes, band camp, bAND BAND BAND BAND bAAND
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R.I.P Chester Bennington
The lead singer of Linkin Park passed away a couple days ago :(( :(( :((
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The Arts Page
Anyone who competes in the arts, post here. Follow me. I've also made a few quizzes if you want to check them out.
2 subscribers 1 member by lotsoffun0604
Celebrities page
This page us dedicated to all celebrities. I created this because I am just head over heels about celebs right now (especially Selena Gomez)
0 subscribers 1 member by ScentedJasmine_101
My Chemical Romance Fans
This is a page that My Chemical Romance fans can meet up and talk and stuff, you can post anything related to Mcr, Have fun!
6 subscribers 2 members by Ben5389
Bandy Stuff
Basically my band blog. I post pictures from band and other shit. Enjoy.
1 subscriber 1 member by linkieissickie
Messed up lyrics
the most messed up song lyrics you know, if in doubt use cw's (content warnings)
5 subscribers 1 member by FullmetalSoulButler
Empty Melodies Character Submission
A small private school for young aspiring musicians with rough pasts is recently opened and ten students have been hand selected to attend. There will be struggles with their past, other students, and maybe even blossoming roma...
7 subscribers 1 member by Southern_Narnia
Kasane Teto Fanpage
Kasane Teto is a Utauloid that was created on April fool's day as a fake Vocaloid, but she has been accepted by most in the Vocaloid community. Although she isn't officially a vocaloid she's still awesome!
9 subscribers 1 member by Southern_Narnia
Paolo Gregoletto Fan page
paolo gregoletto is the bassist of trivium and the best bassist ever (in my opinion) you like his stuff here is a page for you
0 subscribers 1 member by DragonsVenom
KPop Fanart
Post any really good fanart of Kpop you find. It must be Kpop, or it will be deleted.
1 subscriber 1 member by TsumikiMiniwa
Guess The Song - Vocaloid Edition
I've been wanting to do a page like this for ages, since I know some people here love Vocaloid, and even UTAU. So I've created this page where you can post Vocaloid lyrics for others to guess. I will advise that the lyrics are ...
10 subscribers 1 member by Megpoid_GUMI
Get thrown in the garbage with the other Hamiltrash
I love the Hamilton musical, and it's what got me into that genre of music. You can post stuff about Hamilton and just about anything Hamilton related.
18 subscribers 4 members by Lupin.The.Wolf
Andy Beirsack ( sixx and Black)
Andy Biersack is the lead vocalist of Black veil brides who has now become a solo act. This page is for all the fans of sixx biersack and black.
0 subscribers 1 member by frecklesXD

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Christmas songs for people who like good music
just drop some metal/emo/rock Christmas songs and covers! Yeaaa merry x-mas
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BTS (1)
This is a page for all things BTS and stuff for all you fangirls out there who like to obsess over k-pop stars!
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