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rumors about you
this is a page to list ever rumor ever spread about you since elementary/primary to highschool. which ones are true, which ones are false, which rumor did you hate the most, and what was the one that everybody and their grandma...
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emo and depression
Idk I'm getting tired of ppl bullying me about being emo and depressed. So enjoy urself here
10 subscribers 1 member by AutiWay
School doesn't Rule
Got any bad school experiences? Cool, me too! Please share them here and have a good laugh as you read other people's experiences. Please don't bully other members here - I don't want a war zone. I'll share some of mine too if ...
5 subscribers 15 members by CoconutCatandCo
Vastie ALI-Parejo
Accounts is ready, This is an interactive page created to share work created by me for Principle Of Accounts
0 subscribers 1 member by VASTIE
Darkwood High School
Welcome to Darkwood High school. The staff here is very kind. I hope you enjoy it here at this school.
13 subscribers 1 member by FlowersAndBruies
New school, too shy? Here's some pointers.
This page is about getting to help a person that's really shy and you aren't too much of a social person!
0 subscribers 1 member by amazing_grace
Girl Talk (1)
Here we will talk about all kinds of girly things. This page is meant for girls only so please, lets keep it that way. Enjoy and feel free to openly talk about anything! If you have questiona, comments, and concerns about any...
8 subscribers 13 members by JesusFreak14
stupid school rules
we know that they say the school rules are to make us safe, but have they took these rules a little too far? SHARE THY RULE AMONST OTHERS AND SEE WHAT KIND OF RULES ARE AT OTHER SCHOOLS :D
53 subscribers 2 members by seippup12
PeachTree Boarding School
This is PeachTree Boarding school. Where you live and sleep here. Only the best is the best are welcome here. And this is a roleplay.
7 subscribers 1 member by Deku_Deku
School Days
This is a page where you can vent or tell funny stories about what happens at school or just meet other people!
6 subscribers 2 members by Kumiko_fukui
Creepy Pasta High.
This is where Creepy Pastas go to high school. XD I was so inspired as you can tell.
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we r the Middle School and high school students!!
hi,i'm jafrin.if u r in high school,then join to my page ''we r the high school students!!''.good luck!!!
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Teenage posts page!
Don't you love relatable quotes? Well this page will regularly update funny relatable quotes using teenage posts! If you find a quote that we haven't mentioned and you like, don't hesitate in telling us by commenting! :D
14 subscribers 4 members by MMMMMMM6
Name All The High School Stereotypes!
Jocks* Nerds* Geeks* Slackers* Skaters* Preps* Popular-fans Cheerleaders Funnies* Emo Stoners* Punks* Burnouts Gamers* Smarties Cuties* Creative-fans* Cutters Average* Heroes Gangster* Baddies Peaceful-guys (Don't post, cause ...
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why don't i have any planning for future and what should i do and please help me something here?
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