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This page is for nicknames and who may call us them. (YOU MAY GIVE US MORE)
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Ramdon Shit
Welcome I'm Max and this is a place to post random shit. I always have a bunch of random shit on my mind so I'm going to post that stuff here. Feel free to post your own random shit here as well
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Right wing page
Page for the conservatives who belive in traditional values people who are pro life, pro gender roles are preffered
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A page for my Aries Crap
Enjoy fellow aries! Enjoy! for I have a bunch of aries memes for you! Anyone can come tho lol DAMN DES-
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No Name Page-
Pretty much a page for the genderfluid/ non binary since there's a girl's page and a boy's page.
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boys page
please repact that this is only for the boys if your a girl please go to your page
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girls page
please repact that this page is for the girls ima made one for the boys soon
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In the story post a pic of what your character looks like.
I will post a few characters because I'm going to add my friends and the main character and her girlfriend. What my character looks like
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oof im tired so good night and bye agh no and i cant sleep so nice goodnight
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A dare...
Chris_Aftonsadboi- I dare you to make a page about nothing whatsovever. Me being me...I did...T^T" my time...
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Bored Page
This is where everyone can post any thing I created Bc I am bored and I have nothing to do. Hope u like it๐Ÿ˜
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quiz contest page
bleh qfeast doesnt do contests anymore and it makes mee saad. i thought a quiz contest would be a lot of fun (and easier than a story one) so please join! you can also become a judge/contest creator (if youre a respected qfeaster)
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Sapnap and Ph1lZa's birthday
Okay guys the Minecraft Youtuber's birthdays are in March 1st and I want people is come and celebrate with me. I know this page is made a month before the birthdays but I wanted to make it now
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This is @Chris_Aftonsadboi Birthday!
I wanted to do this for you! This is where we celebrate her birthday! I wanted to say one last thing, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
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For Asher (Your.local.dumbass)
Something bad happened to Asher (Your.local.dumbass) and I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say what. But its very bad and he's in the hospital rn. If you have anything you would like him to see, or anything to help support him, pl...
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A page for your K*NS
KINS, not kinks. i want to talk about kins but no ones doing it with me
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LGBTQ+ Community
Join the LGBTQ+ Community if you support and are a unique being ! I'm bi myself and have supporters Ill support you!
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Cyber bullying prevention page
This is for people who was bullied and want it to stop, people are dying everyday because of cyber bullying, we need to stop this! Only people who i trust may put some positive stuff on the page, everyone who sees this put CYBE...
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Lalin's Curse Fan Page
Lalin's Curse is a Supernatural-themed WEBTOON that I am a HUGE fan of. Just fan-art, the creator's art, and extras. Great place for fans to talk about upcoming seasons!
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come to this page if your feeling down (i mean you don't have to)
idk i was bored and i was also feeling down and made this page for those that are feeling down
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