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The Challenge Page!
Every once in awhile I will post a challenge (their pretty darn easy) and you have to complete it. Other people can post challenges too, if you want. LET THE GAMES BEGIN! Btw this is not irl challenges, so no dares or stuff lik...
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CatCatOdin the new king!
This is a page for the king! We must spread the word of a new king. All hail King CatCatOdin!
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Tis The Season
Here is where we may post stuff about Christmas or for Christmas. I hope yall like this Page.
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TRUMP 2020
Vote trump in and this is cuz yall keep bugging me so now ima suport trump
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Christmas on qfeast!
here you can celebrate Christmas! it will be fun come on lets get inside the Christmas spirit!
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White Elephant
This kinda is a bit similar to Secret Santa- the rules are you can post photos of gifts(you know, the usual gift-wrapped presents) and you can comment on which present you choose! The catch is that you don't know what's in the ...
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Secret Santa
I know some of you probably know the game but I'll explain the rules still- To participate, please send me membership request. Anyways, I'll assign you a person to give a gift to in PM, and YOU have to figure out what are you g...
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Qfeast's moments of life
Share them NOW! I know U want to! Teehee!Be a member or a subscriber! Don't be afraid!
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Who are you going with to the Halloween Party?
Figure out who you're going with to the Halloween Party that's coming up! It doesn't necessarily have to be a date(because figures, there are a WHOLE lot more girls than boys), but you can decide here!
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The Halloween Costume Shop
Welcome to the Halloween Costume Shop! Celtic_Wolf would be your manager, so pick any costume you want! Remember, once you deny a costume, you can't get it back! Just fill out the form~ Idea: (as in like clown, vampire, werewol...
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Costumes for The Upcoming Halloween Party!
Of course, Halloween is almost coming! Just post a pic of the costume you're going to wear, and who's going with who(doesn't need to be a date. Figures that there are a whole lot more girls than boys).
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We live in different countries and have different cultures so this page allows us to share what happens in our life and what festivals occur!! Feel free to send membership requests or subscribe: the more the merrier! When you b...
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