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Help Stop Bullying Today! Spread the Story!
This story was first posted by directioner.styles. Now our aim (Beauty784 and directioner.styles) is to spread this all over Qfeast. If you agree with this story, then please post the exact one on your account. Bullying his to ...
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Life As Told By The Bullied Girl
this is the journal of a girl that is battling depression. Her mom is addicted to cocaine and left back when she (Jane) was only 3. Her dad beats her and constantly reminds her of worthless she is, saying that she is the reason...
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The Virginity Games
War. That's all i can say. It's war between the girl's at Crater Hook High School, and Sparks Keystone High School. Usually, The Virginity Games (V games) happened every year. Boys manipulate girls into having sex with them so...
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